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Training Log Archive: z-man

In the 7 days ending May 17, 2009:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering2 1:43:19 10.56(9:47) 17.0(6:05) 395
  Total2 1:43:19 10.56(9:47) 17.0(6:05) 395

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Saturday May 16, 2009 #

Orienteering race 1:15:30 [4] 12.5 km (6:02 / km) +250m 5:29 / km

Buffalo - Long. At some point in the morning I was considering skipping this race because of the tightening and burning in my R-butt/hammy. I began to feel the "old" pain about an hour after the middle course yesterday. Interestingly, that I felt fine during that race despite the fact that I was racing really hard. Sitting on the Cracker Barrel's wooden chair at the dinner felt really uncomfortable.

I felt slightly better in the morning and after some light warm up I made up my mind to give it a shot. The race turned out to be quite fun though I did manage to make a total of 3 min. of errors in a few spots. I began conservatively, not really pushing but definitely not jogging. Was doing ok, hitting all the bags till #8 where I caught up to other Sergei who started 2 min. before me. and screwed up the simple leg by letting my focus slip just to find myself at the next re-entrant. Then en route to the #10, which I ran on the left side of the straight line by crossing windy picnic area perhaps being the only one to ran that way, my hammy tightened up and the butt began to hurt. The pain subdued somewhat once I hit the woods, so I kept on running.

I didn't see Sergei at #10, but he was right behind me at #11. We crossed the creek and hit the trail going left and around. Once out of the steep re-entrant it was hard to relate the map with what I was seeing, so I stuck to my compass until we hit the trail and an easy attack point avoiding a possible disaster control. I bounced out to the marshy opening and descended the spur leading down to the creak. I was off my bearing and got pulled to the right. After seeing the quarry in front of me, I realized that I was off. Sergei stayed behind me on the way to # 14 but he began climbing early, while I ran all the way toward the bottom of re-entrant and attacked from below.

I was slow running on the trail to #15 and Sergei once again caught up with me right before the control. We stayed on the trail going down the spur and dropped down into the bottom of re-entrant on the way to #16. Woods opened up there quite a bit and I was pushing rather hard trying to get some separation. No matter what, I couldn't shake Sergei off. On the way to #17 we picked up Michael (from stars?) and climbed up different parts of the slop towards #18. I started to ran to #19 but somehow, turned my map 180, and things stopped making sense once we hit the trail to the left. Sergei and Michael recovered first, so I followed them to the bag and then to # 20. I was slightly embarrassed, since I screwed up right in front of K, who happened to be running towards the same bag (need to learn to pretend not seeing her next time, which is a hard thing to do I must admit) Then the long finish began. I was trying not to fall far behind, somewhat limping in the open. I managed to get ahead at the # 24 and finally get away from Sergei on the long run to the finish, but had no legs left once in the finish chute.

This was definitely a fast course and Ross did a good job on it not to mention Erin's run, especially the way he hammered the last part of it. I don't think I could've ran it any faster even if my butt didn't hurt.

It is Monday now, and I am feeling mega sore. I was trying to sit as less as possible at work to keep the pressure off my affected areas. Will see how I feel in a week or so. I am hoping that the pain will calm down and that I don't have to take long sabbaticals from running again.

Friday May 15, 2009 #

Orienteering race 27:49 [5] 4.5 km (6:11 / km) +145m 5:19 / km

Buffalo - Middle. It took me a full week to recover from the Billygoat, but after the hard ran from the last weekend, I finally felt good. Will was starting right behind me (2 min), so I took off right from the start hoping to not let him catch me. Was a bit cautious to the first bag trying to look ahead, but quickly realized the good quality of the print and began to push. Was really clean through the first four bags, then unnecessary climbed the steep spur just before #5 instead of going around it, perhaps losing 10-12 seconds there. Was a bit high on # 7 and just slow walking uphill to #8. Nine was where I had my biggest mistake of the day, I blasted down the trail on the left, then crossed the woods till I hit the rootstock, and stayed a bit on the trail before falling down towards the stream instead of running down right away. Ended up overshooting the bag, and had to make a U-turn as I was already almost at the small bridge, lost 15-20 sec in there.

Then Erin, who started 2 minutes in front of me, popped from the right and we ran up to the # 10 together. I punched first and then led to # 11. Erin then got in front of me on the way to # 12 and I stayed behind him till half way to #14 where I cut into the green a bit sooner than he did and punched just ahead of him. There we picked up Igor, who was in front of us to #15. We took, the trail going around the left side of the green stuff and I think Erin and I pulled just a bit away from Igor at #16. Then the long finish sprint began, me trying to keep up with Erin on really fast trail. We did manage to screw up a bit by cutting too early through the clearing instead of taking the trail all the way down, but we pushed so hard that it hardly mattered. I saw no sign of Will at the finish and began looking at my watch. Then, just like the Punisher, he showed up, quite casually, in the finish chute with less than a minute to spare. Still, I was really happy with my race and this was probably as close as I've gotten to beating Will in a really long while.

I want to say that i really enjoyed the course setting today, this was a case of really "intelegent" course design. As compared to the last year middle course in Rochester, where we were forced to climb steep slops up and down quite a few times, it wasn't the case here. The utilization of traversing legs, allowed for different route choices, staying up, down, or contouring, that made the course a lot faster too.

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