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Training Log Archive: ebuckley

In the 7 days ending Jul 22, 2007:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Cycling3 11:16:00
  Orienteering2 1:28:09 5.28 8.5 11157c
  Terrain1 1:12:00
  Running2 1:03:00
  Paddling1 49:00
  Total7 15:48:09 5.28 8.5 11157c
averages - weight:166.7lbs

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Sunday Jul 22, 2007 #

Orienteering (Park) 28:00 [2] **
9c weight:167lbs

Putting out markers for the lower courses at Forest Park (1:5).

Orienteering race (Park) 16:40 [4] *** 2.4 km (6:57 / km) +45m 6:21 / km

SLOC Forest Park Sprints #1. Didn't have a chance to warm up as I had Baby-O with me, but I ran OK. Good course by Rob Wagnon; perhaps his best effort to date. Took first, but just barely. Map.

Orienteering race (Park) 16:24 [4] *** 2.7 km (6:04 / km) +30m 5:45 / km

Sprint 2. Legs went soft on me and a boom on 9 were enough to blow any chance for a sweep. Took second. Map.


FWIW, the win in Sprint 1 was #250 lifetime for me. Details in my blog entry for today.

Saturday Jul 21, 2007 #

Terrain (Mix) 1:12:00 [2]

Around Little CC Lake via the powerline.

Paddling (Canoe) 49:00 [3]

Then went back over to the park with Baby-O and the boat to paddle around on the main lake. They had the buoys out for the rowers and Baby-O decided she wanted to touch each one. So I had something of an interval workout, paddling 2-3 minutes hard between each one and then sitting there for a minute or two while she poked at them with her paddle.

Friday Jul 20, 2007 #

Cycling (Road) 1:02:00 [2]

In to work.

Cycling (Road) 2:08:00 [2]

Back home via Grant's Trail, Geyer. Perfect riding conditions (82, low humidity, light wind). Got me in such a good mood we went to Dewey's for pizza.

Thursday Jul 19, 2007 #

Running (Road) 29:00 [2]

Warmup (14 min) plus some easy running before and after the second effort.

Orienteering race (Park) 9:45 [4] *** 1.7 km (5:44 / km) +18m 5:27 / km

Carol's Team Third Thursday Sprint at Tilles (1:3). Anna Shafer-Skelton made the map and set the course. Very entertaining with some good route choice legs early and some really tight control picking at the end. It was stormin' big time before the start. LIght rain during the event and cleared up right at the finish. Won by a pretty good margin.

Orienteering (Park) 9:00 [2] ***

Control pickup.

Orienteering (Park) 8:20 [5] *** 1.7 km (4:54 / km) +18m 4:39 / km

Although it was a decent run, I was a little bugged by the fact that I messed up the short legs at the end. With the rain stopped (which made map reading a lot easier), I decided to find out what a good time for a clean run would be. Took a brief pause at each control location to simulate punching. I figure 30 seconds was due to the rain, 20 seconds for not having to look at the map as much (and consequently running faster), and the rest was being clean.

Wednesday Jul 18, 2007 #

Cycling (Road) 1:02:00 [2]

In to work. Didn't get going until 6 and was surprised by how much busier things were during the first half of the ride. Once into the hood, there wasn't much traffic. Guess there's no reason to get up early when you don't have a job.


So I have an update on the medical front, which I'm sure all my readers are burning to hear. The liver ultrasound revealed no annomalies in that organ, but they did find a "floating gallstone" (whatever that is) that is now being touted as the likely cause of the whacked beliruben levels. Truth is, they don't know, but I'm supposed to go get the stone assessed. It will be the same surgeon who's slated to fix the hernia, so maybe I can get some kind of bulk discount. I sure hope they don't have to do two separate ops.

Cycling (Road) 3:17:00 [2]

Midland, Brown, around the east side of the airport to McDonnell and then down to the flood plain via Teson. Crossed the river to St. Charles and rode the new cobbles, but the old ones were blocked off for some concert that was going on. Wandered around some more and wound up way out in Harvester at which point I picked up the Katy to get back home.

Tuesday Jul 17, 2007 #

Cycling (Road) 57:00 [2]

In to work.

Cycling (Road) 2:50:00 [2]

Grant's trail route again, this time using Rick's suggestion of Compton and Tennessee to Carondelet. A bit longer and less interesting, but definitely more bike-friendly. I wanted to have some time in West County so I took Union past the trailhead and picked up the trail when it crossed back. Got out to Kirkwood with 90 minutes til my curfew. Squandered it poking around Ballwin and ended up having to come back home riding the shoulder on 141 (yuck!)

Monday Jul 16, 2007 #

Running (Road) 34:00 [2]

Easy jog round the hood.

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