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Training Log Archive: WileyKyO-T

In the 7 days ending Oct 25, 2009:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Orienteering2 5:34:43 22.15(15:07) 35.65(9:23)
  Running3 2:27:10 18.56 29.87
  Trail Running1 46:08 3.15(14:39) 5.07(9:06)
  Total5 8:48:01 43.86 70.59

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Sunday Oct 25, 2009 #

Orienteering 2:22:03 [4] 9.35 mi (15:12 / mi)
shoes: Jalas O-shoes

Sunday's course: 9.4km straightline, 282m of climb

Overall, I navigated much better today, though I still had plenty of mistakes and was just slow overall--looking at winsplits it is clear that even on most of my clean points I just was not as fast as a lot of other blue runners. Out here, though, it is at least necessary to be clean to have a good time. But even if I didn't always have a good time, I was always having a good time. I enjoyed the presence of more route choices, made possible by trails and large features which typically made relocating easier than on Saturday's course. I'll look at this more closely later.

Saturday Oct 24, 2009 #

Orienteering 3:12:40 [4] 12.8 mi (15:03 / mi)
shoes: Jalas O-shoes

Hard to tell exact distance because my Garmin spaced out on me for part of 14-15 and 15-16, but my distance is an estimate based on where I think I was rather than the straight line my Garmin shows while it had lost satellites. This distance compared to
Straightline: 11.3 km, 426 m of climb
indicates that I did a lot of extra running! So leg by leg:
1: Good leg, off by a little to the right but saw Ross coming from point and corrected.
2: Not a good leg; a parallel error on green hilltops led me to lose some time.
3: Easy, short point
4: Tried to use precision compass but drifted off to the left and had to reorient from the road.
5: Pretty clean point; took road to trail, cut across the woods to another trail, checking off point 18 on my way, and used steep contours off trail to guide me to point.
6: Short point, went a little to the right but corrected.
7: Good point, used ridges.
8: Short point, used a ridgeline again.
9: Pretty good, although I didn't have a clear attackpoint.
10: Worst point of course, made a parallel error involving bends on a trail and missed several opportunites to bail out. Not even sure what happened here--I am waiting for Kevin to give me the quickroute so I can remember where I went.
11: Tried to use precision compass but drifted left to a parallel hilltop; I decided to bail out to the road and found my point on the way.
12: Unintentionally found point 14 first, which, like point 13, was near a trail. So, I went 14, 13, 12, 13, 14.
15: I had been to 15 on #10, which is a long ways off, so I didn't have too much difficulty revisiting this point.
16: At 2:30, I knew I had to make this 1.65 km point in 15 minutes. Unfortunately, my Garmin wasn't the only thing that got disoriented out here; I tried to use precision compass without pace count without a constant read on the terrain, and it failed miserably. A safe route would have been to take the road out to the open land and re-hit 8 and 7 to make 16 into a 230 m point. But I didn't see this option and the woods would have been faster if I had been navigationally accurate.
17, 18, 19: My cleanest points of the course; just short enough for rough compass to work on.
20: Somehow missed the trail to the finish, but trekked through some green stuff to get on it.
Finish: 11 seconds, tied for first place!

Wednesday Oct 21, 2009 #

Trail Running 46:08 [4] 3.15 mi (14:39 / mi)
shoes: New Balance 875

Practice course vic. Camp Shea. Involved a lot of climb on one point; navigation was never too difficult, though there was a snafu with setting e-punch boxes. Immediately after this run I switched shoes and ran back to the main post (see next entry)

Running 44:40 [3] 6.37 mi (7:01 / mi)
shoes: Nike Air Max Moto+ 6

Ran from Camp Shea to Buffalo Soldier Field via the shorter route back. Didn't take it very fast, just getting some distance in. Dark by the time I made it in the gates.

Running 6:58 [3] 1.0 mi (6:58 / mi)
shoes: Nike Air Max Moto+ 6

After a much-needed bathroom break, I finished up my run with a single mile.

Tuesday Oct 20, 2009 #

Running 21:01 [4]
shoes: Nike Air Max Moto+ 6

Run from lots to Delafield Pond to Old PX parking lot around and back in.

My plan today was to take a friend to the airport, come back and park at natural bridge, and run the 8 miles back. But Alas! The gate was locked, so I had to go back to the lots :((. Oh well, I'll have another chance this week, i.e. Friday when I have no classes.

Monday Oct 19, 2009 #

Running 1:14:31 [5] 11.19 mi (6:40 / mi)
shoes: Nike Air Max Moto+ 6

Bear Mountain Bridge run; ended up being one of my fastest ones ever. Sutherland passed me early on and I spent most of the run to the bridge trying to pass him again, unsuccessfully. He lost me after the bridge but I kept up a fast pace, until I saw him again near Hacienda. By the time we got to the gate I had caught up, and we ran in together. It is nice having someone a bit faster than me to keep me going fast. Great running weather too.

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