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Training Log Archive: fletch

In the 7 days ending Apr 26, 2011:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering4 4:00:17 22.18(10:50) 35.7(6:44)59 /66c89%
  run4 1:06:00 7.15(9:14) 11.5(5:44)
  Total6 5:06:17 29.33(10:27) 47.2(6:29)59 /66c89%

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Tuesday Apr 26, 2011 #


Wanted to do a gentle loosener of a jog today, but given how much it has hurt (left achilles) trying to walk all day, I gave it a miss. Kind of like the first couple of steps in the morning, but didn't improve all day :(

Monday Apr 25, 2011 #


After 6 nurofen a day since Tuesday last week, finally went without them today. Back is still sore, but not affecting running (or sleeping too much) and I'm not convinced that the nurofen are making much difference anyway.

Both achilles are sore. Left worse than right for the first time in ages. Stiff and a little sore when I wake up, take 5-10 minutes of warm-up to loosen up. Are then OK while I race, but sore again within 10-15 minutes of finishing. So... what can I do to get them to slowly improve rather than slowly worsen without taking an extended break from running?


Post-Easter thoughts...

I have done enough navigation and map reading work recently to start to feel in control on courses for the first time in ages. There were large portions of every day where I was running confidently and expecting controls to be exactly where I was headed rather than just running and hoping.
The downside is that I seem to need to slow down too much relative to other people to maintain this level of control.
Prologue I started TOO conservatively, but was happy to make it through without destroying my entire weekend.
Day 1 Felt really good except for #14. Looking at the map since I must hav eeither lost focus because I saw how close to the finish I was, or because I was starting to fatigue, because it was a really silly error.
Day 2 I was generally happy with. Annoyed with my vagueness at the critical time on the way to 13 and not quite as clean as Day 1. Disappointed that my improved running training this year doesn't seem to have translated as well as I hoped to terrain fitness. Struggled much more than I was expecting to in the second half of the course. Could well have been my longest O race in 8 years, which may have had something to do with it. That's gonna be a hard one to fix without investing a lot more time into terrain or at least steep hill training. Not sure I have the extra time available to do this. If I decide I don't, then I suspect my elite comeback will end next Sunday. Prior to this year I have run less than 40 hours of orienteering (including a chunk of metrO in 4 years. And probably less in the 3 years preceding that). Funny how that's not enough :(
Day 3 - Didn't read the warning signs into 7. Had been pushing hard and had an uphill paddock run into the fallen rubbish. Wasn't careful enough / didn't adjust technique enough. Silly.
Probably marginally better than my Easter effort in 1998 (the terrain there was much more to my liking - navigating in rock detail is not my forte) and a vast improvement on 2003. Also much better than any of my attempts as a junior, so overall a positive weekend.
Very soon it will be decision time as to whether I wasnt to put the time and effort in to get up with the rest of the elit 'pack' or whether I decide that was enough nad pull the pin...

run 15:00 [2] 2.5 km (6:00 / km)
shoes: x-talon 212

9 AM

Orienteering (Easter Day 3) 1:09:00 [5] 8.0 km (8:38 / km)
shoes: x-talon 212

Had grave doubts about my ability to handle this course when the warm-up felt awfully hard slowly jogging up a slight incline. Felt a bit better after run-thrus and had nothing to lose being about 3 minutes behind a pack, so decided to be a little more aggressive today anyway and see what happened.
The first 2 controls were really rough, with fallen timber everywhere. I picked a nice line wide left on the second, but missed the control and had to run back up the hill to it. Pretty clean through to 6 and tried to push the pace a little in the paddock legs today. Picked up Graham as we left 6 (4 minutes), but as we crossed into the fallen crappy bush heading in to 7, Grant came flying past with Bruce and Evan in tow. Not surprisingly, he was well over 2 minutes ahead of me... and was about to go much further so.
I struggled to hold a line in all the fallen timber, and drifted left. Mis-identified a small knoll as the more significant one further south, and ran vaguely from the wrong spot to a wrong spot further away where I hit a group of massive rocks, checked a couple, then figured I had better work out where I was as Wil helpfully told me I was between 8 and 9. Crap. Still not clean getting back to the control from there. Lost a couple more minutes getting pushed way left on the way to 8 and correcting poorly. By the time I had crawled my way through the fallen timber to 9 and 10 just a little sketchily and made it out to the fenceline for a long paddock run, I was pretty much over it.
Amazingly caught sight of Graham again in the second half of the fence run, but lost 30 seconds or so at 11 when I didn't check my direction properly on top of the knoll. Felt like I did most of the course fairly well from there, but the damage was done.
I suspect that the splits will confirm that I wouldn't have gotten very far even with a clean run today. Legs just didn't have it.

Sunday Apr 24, 2011 #

9 AM

Orienteering 1:53:42 [5] 18.0 km (6:19 / km)
spiked:25/28c shoes: x-talon 212

Long day. Had a bit of a bobble in the circle at 3, but it didn't matter, because the control wasn't there anyway - just Tooms and Uncle Jim doing their best impersonation of a control flag. Thanks guys. Saw Glenn chasing me down heading through some early controls. Turns out he could see me for a fair chunk of the course but only caught me at 22 or 23, before fading worse than I did. Relatively clean through to 12, but as I headed into the paddocks, Big Ev came through. Ran the bottom of the hill, then up through the lines of rock slabs, but had picked up the pace a bit, and despite feeling totally in control for most of the leg, I lost it where it mattered most, and was slow and vague until I hit the creek line way to high and had to relocate. First sighting of tRicky for the day, but we went our separate ways again after 15. Knew I was starting to fade, and my race was pretty much over heading up and over the hill to 18 and the map change. Had a little more time loss at 20, then fell over and my hammy cramped as I was leaving the control. Robbie came through just before we hit the paddocks again, and I was stuffed when we hit the next hill. Minor misses in the circle at a couple and general crap tired walking got me to the finish.
There seems to be a major fitness difference in doing long easy runs of the flat compared to classic length orienteering races...

run warm up/down 17:00 [2] 3.0 km (5:40 / km)
shoes: x-talon 212

a token 5 minute shuffle afterwards was all I could muster. Most of a proper warm-up. Was running a touch late for the start.

Saturday Apr 23, 2011 #

run warm up/down 17:00 [2] 3.0 km (5:40 / km)
shoes: x-talon 212

9 AM

Orienteering (Easter Day 1) 42:50 [4] *** 6.9 km (6:12 / km)
spiked:15/17c shoes: x-talon 212

I would have been stoked with this run a month ago. Hard to keep perspective when the leaderboard is heckling you.
Clean through to 12 where I went to the right rock, but didn't look far enough around it, then ran off and had a look at every other rock in the circle before returning. Don;t know what happened on the way to 14. Must have mis-identified a feature mid-leg, as when I got close I turned right instead of left and confidently ran to the wrong spot. Faffed around for a bit with the map not making sense till I sorted myself out and went and got the control. Really disappointing way to finish, as 15-17 were pretty much all out in open paddock, so stuffed of the last 3 controls that I really had to focus for.
Would have been in the bunch in the lower half of the top ten if not for those errors... (I think - will confirm after checking splits)

Now about 3 minutes out of top 10. Tomorrow is going to be hard.

Friday Apr 22, 2011 #

Orienteering (Easter Prologue) 14:45 [4] *** 2.8 km (5:16 / km)
spiked:19/21c shoes: x-talon 212

Started pretty conservatively. Left 7 in the wrong direction and had to stop mid-leg to work out what on earth I was doing. Apparently running slowly and vaguely and not in straight lines costs you time. Lost about 35 sec to about the whole field here and Steve Todkill got on my tail. Caught Graham and Will through 9-10 and picked up the intensity. A little bobble leaving 17 in the wrong direction, but pretty smooth and quick to the end.

Group of 5 Nomads propping up the tail of the field within 7 seconds of each other. I am number 4 :(

run warm up/down 17:00 [2] 3.0 km (5:40 / km)
shoes: x-talon 212

Thursday Apr 21, 2011 #


Things starting to look up - jogging may have been possible today. I can vacuum the house with only minor discomfort! Will see what the physio says this arvo...

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