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Training Log Archive: Sid

In the 7 days ending Sep 15, 2008:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Cycling2 4:02:00 64.62(3:45) 104.0(2:20) 1000
  Running1 2:40:00 13.1(12:13) 21.08(7:35) 200
  Swimming2 1:12:20 1.8(40:08) 2.9(24:57)
  Baseball1 10:00
  Total4 8:04:20 79.52 127.98 1200

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Sunday Sep 14, 2008 #

Triathlon race (Half Ironman)70.3 mi ( / mi) +1200m / mi

MUSKOKA 70.3 Breakdown below. Transition Swim to Bike 8 minutes, Bike to Run 5 minutes.

Swimming race (Open Water) 42:20 [5] 1.9 km (22:17 / km)

Swim went well! Rented sleeveless wet suit and wore C3 singlet under neath to prevent an alergic reaction. Got a start position near the bouy line and started well. People were swimming into me from the beach but relaxed and pulled strong. A little indigestion at the 4th buoy but fine after. Had trouble with people drifting into me but my swim line seemed good. It got shallow and weedy on the last 200 m. A little wobbly getting out the water with feet on the cool side but felt great otherwise. Light jog up to bike.

Cycling race (Road) 3:42:00 [5] 94.0 km (2:22 / km) +1000m 2:15 / km
shoes: Carnac TRS7

Started bike section in light rain. The plan was to take it easier n the bike and save legs for the run, my weakness. The new road section to Dwight was bad but took it slow and reached Hwy 35 in good shape. The longest climbs were to Dorest so ensured a good pace. Tried to go high cadence but power low cadence felt better. Tended to pass women going up hill but they passed me on the downhill. Reached Dorest in good shape but found the organizers' promise of lots of toilets false. There was only one so I kept going instead of lining up. Had drank one bottle and ate about 400 cal by this time. Rain varied between heavy and light on Hwy 117 to Baysville. Luckily, the temperature was about 20 C. Trying to save legs and ate another 200 cal.
At Baysville finally hit a washroom. There was 2 there. On Brunell Road kept an even pace over the many hills to the South Portage cutoff. The fresh section of road was brutal. It made me glad that I had lock tightened all the gear bolts on my bike. Others were not so lucky and gear was all over the course. Saving legs for the brutal last 8 km to the Deerhurst, I reached South Portage and headed for home. The less lucky had trouble on the 7 tough climbs before the tranistion. It bucketed rain on the last crazy downhill and I could barely see the corner turn. Reached home in good shape.

Felt a light headache in last bike section but my HR had dropped from the start to finish. This made me think I had eaten too much. I had also consumed near 2 litres of electrolyte fluid. Wet change to run gear but body temperature felt fine.

Running race 2:40:00 [4] 13.1 mi (12:13 / mi) +200m 11:40 / mi
shoes: Asics Nimbus VIII

The run section started well though had to hit the washroom. Legs felt great and I started at a good clip. Ran over first two hills and down Cookson Bay Road. Legs felt okay on the Jones Lane out and back but I had to have a Pepsi, could not resist my favourite pop. On the way back, stomach was sloshing around and getting a bit uncomfortable. Walked up the steep climb at the end of the Cookson Bay Cresent and begin the run up the long hill on Hwy 60. Next was the Golden Pheasant out and back and I felt like I was starting to lose it but hit the turn around in good shape and head back. Hit the washroom again before returning to Hwy 60 and ran towards the trail. Starting to lose speed as people I had passed were picking me off. Walked ran the last .5 km before crossing the road to the trail. Soon after this it was apparent that my right knee was going, getting sore and I was starting to limb. Walk / run 200m intervals and stopped again at the washroom. Calculating the numbers, it was obvious that I was going to finish easily but may not be able to run on my right knee. I ran downhills and walked uphills to save it. It recovered a bit but not enough to return to a full run. With 3 km to Deerhurst and then 6 km on the golf course, it was no time to get crazy. Contined walk / run pattern but power walked where possible. On reaching the golf course, started a light lope on the downhills but uphills were a challenge. With no reason to get crazy, I just walk/ran home. The golf course went on forever with loopy sections skirting fairways. The rain was still light to heavy and the trail was flooded out in many sections. Not running as much, my core temperature was dropping but HR was still above 100 rpm. Crested a hill and ran in the last .5 km passing a few injuried racers.

Not the best run I ever had!! After, I was hobbling on my right knee. I was thinking I should have used less power and more cadence on the bike and I would have been able to lift my leg more and saved my right knee. Picked up my post race dry gear but it had not been protected from the elements as advertised and was very heavy, soaked in rain. Made it up the hill to the resort and to the food area for a 15 minute line for pizza. Knee was near exhaustion so I collapsed on the carpet to eat and let it recover. The rest help the knee enough to allow for the 2 km walk to the buses for transportation to the truck. We were in no shape to ride the bikes with 40 lb plus of gear in the rain to the vehicles. A little cold waiting for a bus but I made it to the truck. Cars were lined up everywhere trying to retrieve bikes. We decided a hot shower at friends would allow the area to clear. After a great shower and dry clothes, we returned to find the area vacated and only about 200 bikes left, making pick up easy.

A very tough and interesting first Half Ironman. Reports had the bike and run course as the most difficult in Ontario at least. The bike had more climbs than at the Lake Placid Ironman in the " mountains". Not likley do this race again as to conquer it once is enough. Being the first event here, the organizer did a great job on trinkets, food volunteers and a crazy course.

Saturday Sep 13, 2008 #

Cycling 20:00 [1] 10.0 km (2:00 / km)
shoes: Carnac TRS7

Light ride to check over tri bike and gears before Sunday's race. Everything looks good. Cadence sensor was off a bit and needed adjustment.

Thursday Sep 11, 2008 #

Baseball 10:00 [2]

Won another game.

Wednesday Sep 10, 2008 #

Swimming 30:00 [2] 1.0 km (30:00 / km)

Lazy swim at River Grove just to keep the feel before Sunday.

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