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Training Log Archive: RLShadow

In the 7 days ending Aug 16, 2014:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Walking12 20:05:56 29.95(40:16) 48.19(25:01) 314
  Pickleball3 4:25:00
  Running2 1:07:38 7.43(9:06) 11.96(5:39) 134
  Orienteering2 53:56 4.7 7.56 342
  Lawn mowing1 45:00
  Strength1 20:00
  Total21 27:37:30 42.08 67.72 789

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Saturday Aug 16, 2014 #

10 AM

Orienteering race 51:11 [4] 4.7 mi (10:53 / mi) +342ft 10:11 / mi
shoes: Montrail Mt Masochist Mar 2011

Highland Park Trail Challenge, 8K.

Nice course.

I judged the best route from the start to #1 to be along Highland Ave rather than on the paved paths through the park. I and a number of others (but a minority of the starters, it seemed) set out that way. I think I judged wrong, because when I got to #1, I could see some people getting there before me who I think I normally would be faster than.

No other significant route choice decisions or mistakes on loop 1. On most legs, I was 8th, 9th, or 10th in splits, but I was 6th on 13 for some odd reason (definitely was a runner's leg and I'm not much of a runner these days) and 5th on 15.

On loop 2, again I decided to stay along Highland for most of the way from 16 to 17, heading up the hill right around where #23 was. And again, it looked like a bad route choice because AP said I lost 59 seconds on that leg (the only lost time it reported). I was 5th on #18, possibly because I made sure not to climb the entire hill (the hill where control #5 was); I headed to the small stairway just left of the connection line about a third of the way through the leg, and then followed the paved path around the hill. I was also surprisingly 6th on #19; since that was a long road run with no real route choice, I'm not sure why that was.

Then of course, #20 was misplaced. Olga was about 10 seconds ahead of me at that time, and I saw here go right into the saddle where the control should have been, and look around puzzled. Bad sign, I thought ... we both agreed that we were most definitely in the saddle where the control should be. We searched around a bit for it, and I was about to give up and figure it had been stolen, when she found it up a hill a ways, right around the map border I believe. Although it seemed like we were looking for a while, it couldn't be that long as my time from 19 to 20 was only 2:03. So maybe I lost a minute, but of course nearly everyone else lost time as well, and AP said I didn't actually lose time relative to others.

From there on in, I was going back and forth with Olga, and generally a bit behind Rafael. I beat Olga from 22 to 23, possibly because once again I tried to minimize climb a bit. Then she passed me on Highland Ave going to 24, but I passed her again going to 25 because I found the trail through the woods while she went further west to a paved trail. Then she passed me for good leaving 25.

I finished 9th out of 12, but the last two places appeared from their times to be fairly non-serious entrants. But I was less than a minute behind Rafael and only a bit more than a minute behind Olga, both of whom are far better runners than I am, so I don't feel badly about my outing.
11 AM

Orienteering 2:45 [5]
shoes: Montrail Mt Masochist Mar 2011

Two maze-O courses. Not sure of my exact times but I know they weren't great. Enjoyable, and actually quite a good (although short) workout.
3 PM

Pickleball 1:10:00 [3]

Indoors at the Rec Center. Generally enjoyable games. Got into one higher-level game where I wasn't all that happy with my play, but had fun (and worked quite hard) even in that game.
10 PM

Walking (Dog walk) 25:13 [1] 1.02 mi (24:43 / mi) +5ft 24:36 / mi
shoes: Salomon hiking boots

Friday Aug 15, 2014 #

9 AM

Walking (LPGA) 4:54:00 [1] 4.82 mi (1:01:00 / mi) +83ft 1:00:01 / mi
shoes: Salomon hiking boots

Day 2 of competition. The golfers I was with were Giulia (pronounced Julia) Molinaro from Italy, Tiffany Joh from San Diego, and Pernilla Lindberg from Sweden. Giulia had a rough day, winding up 7 over par at the end of her round and definitely missing the cut. Tiffany did OK, started at 2 under and ended at 2 under, although she was down to 4 under until she bogied the last 2 holes. She definitely made the cut. Pernilla started at 1 over and ended at 2 over and probably just missed the cut (best estimate is that the cut was going to be 1 over).
8 PM

Walking (Dog walk) 44:06 [1] 2.01 mi (21:56 / mi) +1ft 21:55 / mi
shoes: Asics Gel Venture 4

Thursday Aug 14, 2014 #

7 AM

Walking (LPGA) 4:39:33 [1] 4.77 mi (58:36 / mi) +102ft 57:26 / mi
shoes: Salomon hiking boots

Standard bearer (carrying around the sign the gives the golfer's names and current scores relative to par). First day of competition. The trio I was with was Lisa McCoskey, Jimin Kang, and Lee-Anne Pace. McCoskey did great, 5 under par for the round, thanks to an outstanding back 9. The other two did OK, even par for one and 2 over for the other.

Unseasonably cool and very windy, but at least no rain.
3 PM

Walking (Dog walk) 46:00 [1] 2.51 mi (18:18 / mi) +5ft 18:16 / mi
shoes: Asics Gel Venture 4

Around the big block, plus up into Finn Park a ways. Low 60's, quite windy -- felt very fall-like. :(
10 PM

Walking (Dog walk) 24:32 [1] 1.07 mi (22:52 / mi) +6ft 22:45 / mi
shoes: Asics Gel Venture 4

Late evening dog walk. Shorter than normal, because they had had a long walk with Cheryl this morning, plus a 2.5 mile walk with me this afternoon. Figured they didn't need much more than that.

Wednesday Aug 13, 2014 #

10 AM

Walking (Dog walk) 56:23 [1] 2.88 mi (19:35 / mi) +5ft 19:33 / mi
shoes: Asics Gel Venture 4

Late morning dog walk. Overcast and cool but radar didn't show anything nearby so I went out for a semi long walk.

Had a several minute delay on the way back when the dogs ran into Winfield, a bulldog that they've met a few times and get along well with. Winfield is very rarely outside (and from what I can tell, never gets to go for walks), so probably encountering our dogs was a high point of his week. The lady (grandmother of a small child who was also out) had a tough time corralling Winfield, as he not only had no leash but didn't have a collar either. So finally, I walked my dogs back to their front door, with Winfield following, and she was able to get him inside. She apologized several times but I said it was absolutely no problem because our dogs like him a lot. I felt like politely suggesting that he might enjoy going out for walks also but decided not to butt in.
2 PM

Running 34:19 [2] 3.67 mi (9:21 / mi) +104ft 9:06 / mi
shoes: Hoka Conquest

Hojack Trail, with trailsnail.
9 PM

Walking (Dog walk) 45:23 [1] 2.01 mi (22:34 / mi) +1ft 22:34 / mi
shoes: Asics Gel Venture 4

Brrr. 60 degrees with winds 20-30 mph. Weather report says that it still feels like 60 (ie no wind chill effect) but it's tough to believe --- certainly feels, to me, way cooler than it would if it were 60 and no wind.

Tuesday Aug 12, 2014 #

2 PM

Walking (Dog walk) 38:38 [1] 2.02 mi (19:10 / mi) +6ft 19:07 / mi
shoes: Asics Gel Venture 4

Mid afternoon walk. Stopped a few times under trees when the light drizzle turned into a heavier drizzle for a while.
7 PM

Pickleball 1:30:00 [3]

Indoors at the Rec Center. Two times playing in 2 days! But I probably won't play again for a while due to LPGA duties.

Monday Aug 11, 2014 #

8 AM

Walking (LPGA) 2:39:03 [1] 2.44 mi (1:05:11 / mi) +60ft 1:03:42 / mi
shoes: Asics Gel Venture 4

LPGA standard bearer. First 9 holes.

I'm not much of a golfer (actually I'm not a golfer at all), but my take is that Monroe seems more challenging the Locust Hill. No water hazards, but tons of sand traps, and some basically tough approaches to the greens.
11 AM

Walking (LPGA) 2:29:16 [1] 2.37 mi (1:02:59 / mi) +34ft 1:02:08 / mi
shoes: Asics Gel Venture 4

LPGA standard bearer. 2nd 9 holes (well, not quite, GPS battery ran out somewhere near the 18th green).
6 PM

Strength 20:00 [2]

Fitness room workout before pickleball. First workout in about 3 weeks. I really need to make this a more regular happening.
7 PM

Pickleball 1:45:00 [2]

First pickleball in a week. Had a good time for the most part. Even got to be trailsnail's partner for one game.
9 PM

Walking (Dog walk) 43:49 [1] 2.02 mi (21:39 / mi) +6ft 21:35 / mi
shoes: Asics Gel Venture 4

Sunday Aug 10, 2014 #

3 PM

Lawn mowing 45:00 [1]

5 PM

Running 33:19 [3] 3.76 mi (8:51 / mi) +30ft 8:48 / mi
shoes: Hoka Conquest

One of my longer continuous (no walk breaks) run since I've been trying to run again. Felt pretty good.

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