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Training Log Archive: maprunner

In the 7 days ending Nov 3:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  orienteer2 3:16:02 10.45(18:45) 16.82(11:39) 431648.5
  Nordic track2 1:00:0060.0
  stretch 1 30:0030.0
  hike1 30:0030.0
  aerobics1 30:0030.0
  weights1 30:0090.0
  Total8 6:16:02 10.45 16.82 431888.5

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Sunday Nov 3 #

11 AM

orienteer 1:53:58 intensity: (1:53 @1) + (5:53 @2) + (1:31:20 @3) + (14:52 @4) 10.6 km (10:45 / km) +161m 10:00 / km
ahr:133 max:150

Saturday Nov 2 #

12 PM

orienteer 1:22:04 intensity: (13 @1) + (35 @2) + (25:21 @3) + (55:39 @4) + (16 @5) 6.22 km (13:11 / km) +270m 10:50 / km
ahr:143 max:165

Hobbs State Park, Rogers AR, long advanced course

Mike and I drove down to Joplin last night, then got up and drove the last 1.5 hours to the park this morning. It was cold to start, but sunny and warming up.

I worked registration and beginner's briefings, then climbed the big hill to the start. I wasn't sure how I would feel physically today after getting over my cold, so I thought I would walk most for the course, and maybe cut it short. But once I got in to the open woods it was hard not to try to run. Especially on the flat areas. I rarely get to run in such open woods, so it was lots of fun.

The footing was bit tough, especially contouring, since the ground had lots of small loose rocks hidden under the leaves.

In the end, I felt pretty good physically, but my brain had lots of small lapses. The marker was hung too low at 7, I had a near miss on 8 and 13 (too many leaves on the trees, hard to see distances) and didn't read the clue at 11 (at first).

2019-11-02_Hobbs State Park_route

Tom set a very nice course and I really enjoyed my time out there. Saw JJ when he ran past me on the way to 13, but otherwise I was alone. We had good attendance from some people nearby (Fayetteville, Rogers, Joplin) as well as many PTOCers and OKers who came down.

Afterwards, JJ, Nancy, Mike and I had a nice lunch and then we did the long drive home. Poor Mike twisted his ankle before the 2nd control, but thankfully it's not too bad and better yet, he was able to help drive home. We listened to 2 episodes of "Dolly Parton's America" podcast which I recommend.

Thursday Oct 31 #

12 PM

hike 30:00 [1]

a lunch time walk. It was weird to see snow on the fall colored leaves.
6 PM

Nordic track 30:00 [1]

Wednesday Oct 30 #

weights 30:00 [3]

My trainer introduced a new format tonight. It was tough. We did three sets in a row on legs; then 3 sets in a row on arms (short rest between sets).

Leg set (body weight + 12 lbs)
16X walking lunge
16X squat
16X walking lunge

Arm set:
15X Standing pull back, setting 6
12X wide arm pull down, 50 lbs
15X arm row with resistance band
12 PM

stretch 30:00 [1]

Tuesday Oct 29 #

Nordic track 30:00 [1]

Definitely have a cold. Worked at home and took a nap at lunch time. Found enough energy for a light workout in the evening while Mike graded papers.

Monday Oct 28 #

aerobics 30:00 [1]

I think I might be getting a cold. My brain hit the wall in the afternoon so I left work early. I did some easy aerobics while cooking dinner. I love multitasking.

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