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Training Log Archive: Nadim

In the 1 days ending Nov 1, 2015:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering1 1:46:01 6.03(17:35) 9.7(10:56) 405
  Running1 7:00 0.45(15:34) 0.72(9:40)
  Total1 1:53:01 6.48(17:27) 10.42(10:51) 405
averages - weight:185.5lbs

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Sunday Nov 1, 2015 #

12 PM

Running (Street & Trail) 7:00 [1] 0.45 mi (15:34 / mi)

Great Falls, MD. I did a very light warm-up. I didn't want to wear out my heel/arch early since after every run lately it hurts a lot.

Orienteering (Foot) 1:46:01 [4] 9.7 km (10:56 / km) +405m 9:03 / km

QOC: Great Falls, MD. I enjoyed running Peggy's course and enjoyed it so much that I did some of it more than once. I guess I'm getting sloppier again as I'm regaining some of my speed.

From the start, I ran up the trail to a spur just past the old railroad loop, then more or less contoured over, with a little hood to the left at the end; spiking #1.

I was a bit overconfident for #2. I got into the right area and attacked from the little formline knoll to the NW. At about this time, I notice Tori Campbell on my left and that I'd been passing her. I thought she was headed to the same control so I must not have read the reentrants correctly. I got drawn to the left, then looped back to the small formline knoll. Even from there, I still didn't see the control right away. I was expecting it one spur to the west.

For the short leg to #3 I had gone around the green to the right a bit. I had mapped one of the 2 boulders at the bottom and knew there were 2 but I didn't see the second on the map. It was under the circle, a circle that I had probably established a few years ago when I was course setter (Great Falls Mgt. only allows us to use an established set of controls). When I saw one boulder, I wasn't sure which way to look for the other. After a good start, this was turning out to be going badly for me.

I ran straight toward #4, making some corrections along the way, and spiking it. I could see the ruin a bit so that helped as I approached.

For #5, I ran along the ridge and spiked it.

For #6, I contoured over at first but once across the big reentrant, I climbed over to spike the control. I had mapped that rootstock, and also had passed it on the way to #4.

For #7, I contoured over a bit to the left to keep the climb from getting too steep. After the trail, I pushed through some saplings to spike it.

For #8, I was feeling tired. I climbed past the left side of the fence and had it in my mind that the control was in the reentrant just to the SW of where it was. Once I got there, I corrected.

For #9, I ran straight across but had contemplated using the trail. I spiked it.

For #10, I stuck to the trail, attacking shortly after the trail intersection to the NE of the control. I came in a little low, hesitated, then found it.

For #11, I ran up the reentrant at a angle. At the trail, I cut left briefly and saw a ditch on the west side. This should have been the trail intersection but for some reason, I didn't notice the intersection. I attacked and seemed to be going over a spur but I wasn't where I thought I was. I cut right after going too low and eventually realized that I was in the out of bounds area. I hooked into the control eventually from the west. I should have just stuck to the trail for a little longer.

For #12, I ran past some intermediate runners along the trail, then cut in. Things didn't seem right but I found the bit of fence on the route and felt more confident again. I ran the spur to the control, pushing through the saplings. I had gotten there just before Frantisek, who was coming from below the control.

For #13, I got on the trail, crossed the creek and ran up the next hill. I briefly lost contact with the map and thought I was mistaking something for a reentrant but I was actually right. Once in the cliffs, I felt better about where I was and I proceeded to the control, just ahead of someone else.

For #14, I must have been going into oxygen debt. I mistook the line from #19 to #18 to the line I was supposed to run. I focused on the route choices and didn't notice the larger error of going to the wrong control. I started out going straight toward #18 even though if I needed to go there, I should have dropped down immediately. Once to the first trail crossing, I changed my route and did drop down. I climbed back up on the next trail and made my way past a bunch of young kids being led by some adults. I spiked #18 coming up from the trail, and confirmed the code. I next proceeded to #17 perfectly. Once there, I noticed that the numbers were getting lower and cursed. The route to #14 from there was uphill but I did get to use trails part of the way. I had a good attack from a trail bend and spiked it from there. I'd tried to run hard to make up time but my heel was hurting by this time and I was tired.

For #15, I ran back along my route to #14. I spiked the control but I was just too tired.

For #16, I ran the flattish areas around the little greens and spiked the control.

For #17, I dipped south to keep from losing too much elevation. At the end, I hooked to the left to spike it, however again I was tired.

For #18, I retraced my earlier route, from when I was making my mistake going to #14. The attack was more difficult this time but I spiked it.

For #19, I got a bit confused as I left #18. I had run a straighter route than planned so I was crossing some greener areas when I was expecting clearer forest. I recovered composure as I neared #2. Once across the last trail, I kept the large knoll on my left and went on bearing. The one fallen tree blocking the straight approach was unexpected but I went around it and spiked the control.

For #20, I just ran straight with a slight correction after crossing the trail.

For #21, I used the trail to the west for a way. At a bend, I cut the corner and went over a spur. I got off bearing doing this but realized it soon enough to emerge on the trail just SE of the control.

For #22, I used the trail that I'd taken toward #15, then ran the hillside to the long spur. I noticed someone coming in from my left who was going for the same control. He got there just before I had.

For #23, I left #22 just after the other guy. He took a straighter, hillier route. Our paths crossed and when I crested the last ridge, I found out that I had made the right choice and attack.

For #24, I went straightish. I was worried about getting into the wrong reentrant to climb ahead while moving faster going downhill. I was trying to stay ahead of the guy whom I'd just passed. He might have been feeling better than I had because as I made a slight correction at the big depression on the ridge, he was pretty close behind. I descended fast and spiked the control.

To finish, I left the control quickly, going straight down the reentrant. Before hitting the bottom, where it got steeper, I cut left. There was almost an elephant trail contouring along there but it wasn't so visible unless one was looking left. I got to the control well enough and caught my breath. As I started walking back, I saw the other guy searching for the control.

I was happy to have been able to run as well and as fast as I had given the lack of training. I need to watch the errors as I regain my speed.

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