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Training Log Archive: Vector

In the 7 days ending Apr 29, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering5 2:09:44 10.72 17.25 19547 /84c55%
  X-cntry running2 1:03:19 7.14(8:52) 11.49(5:31) 110
  Total5 3:13:03 17.86 28.74 30547 /84c55%
  [1-5]5 3:03:03

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Saturday Apr 29, 2017 #

Orienteering race 1:03:54 [5] *** 8.4 km (7:36 / km) +60m 7:21 / km
spiked:14/17c shoes: X-Talon 212

Snow-O! Lots of places where snow was 1/2 way up to the knee! Did white course w/ the tots to start, we built a snowman along the way. Helped beginner instruction for coworker friend. Heck of a day for his 1st O-experience! Overall I nav'd well but #11 wasn't pretty. I was standing right by it confused but the snow made the slope look smooth, didn't even see the reentrant until I went back to another AP and re-attacked it. Lost a lot of time there. Heck of a good workout w/ the deep snow running.

Quick Route course plot

1- Trail, parking lot, depression edge as AP, spike
2- straight along veg boundary, spike
3- beach run to trail, spike
4- trail, up hill, driveway junction as AP, spike
5- easy, spike
6- followed steep hill edge NE, turned a bit too early but followed the gulley and got it
7- straight to it, spike
8- ran around the OB after the hill traverse, then up to the loop, then followed trees up the hill, spike
9- downhill run, almost felt like skiing for a bit, straight to it, spike
10- a little sloppy here, turned in towards the treeline too early and was slow, was trying to make sure I didn't go passed it, but eventually got it
11- Should have been easy but the snow made it harder from the angle I came from...should have used a safer AP..there were some other reentrants not mapped that sucked me in too. I was standing right by it for a bit but the snow washed out the terrain of the reentrant. Went up to road and narrow reentrant area as AP and reattacked and got it
12- straight to it, spike
13- One of my best O-memories was made on this one. Up to road intersection as AP, crossed trail and used treeline & trail junction as AP, thick cattails on final approach as well as lots of snow in face, and then POOF! Busted through cattails that opened up clear area and there's the control exactly dead ahead in front of me!! Perfect spike. Felt just like it feels when I'm piloting a plane through the clouds on a precision ILS instrument approach and then POOF, break out of clouds and there's the runway dead ahead in front of me. So had a little O-heaven on this one.
14- straight and spike...honestly the footprints helped :)
15- west to trail, curve as AP, saw it from distance, spike
16- trails mostly to it but a little tired going up the climb, spike nonetheless
F- road to trail and spike

CY17 control goal count = 458

Friday Apr 28, 2017 #

Orienteering race 24:54 [3] ** 3.6 km (6:55 / km) +110m 6:00 / km
spiked:22/27c shoes: Icebug

Nice sprint course. Goal achieved - just run to get a nat'l sprint result to erase the NAOC not punching the spectator control debacle. Goal not achieved: clean run. Tunnel visionsed the mandatory crossing point / busy road crossing...became so fixated on making sure I crossed properly that I passed 8, crossed street and almost hit 9, then realized I passed 8 so had to recross road, punch 8, then go back across road to 9. On 20 I read clue sheet that it was under bridge, so I ran down hill under bridge, only to realize I didn't account for the fact it is on the other side of the road that I can't cross due to the course restriction, so then had to run back up hill, cross over bridge, then back down hill on other side. 21 I just went to wrong control...very close to other one, so I got sucked in. That was a dumb mistake. Most of rest of course was pretty clean but felt sluggish the whole run, and looking at the pace I confirmed I was sluggish. Probably something to do with 4am wake up to catch the flight, but I also could have prepared better. Other goal not achieved (I assume): 70 on Blue. Th 68.5 on Middle Blue at Flying Pig gave me hope I could pull it off today, but doesn't look like I got the job done. Perfect weather, great course, lots of fun, and I was really happy to be out there after a tough week at work with my successful checkride Wed. Looking fwd to some snow-O tomorrow.

CY17 control goal count: 441

Thursday Apr 27, 2017 #

Orienteering 30:56 [3] ** 5.25 km (5:54 / km) +25m 5:45 / km
spiked:11/13c shoes: X-Talon 212

Self-made course on Parker permanent course map. Was feeling hugely out of breath for 1st 3 controls, don't know why. But felt mostly good for rest of run. Some new construction and features popped up since map was made.

Tomorrow is my attempt to redeem myself from the infamous NAOC Sprint on Dartmouth where I ran & nav'd really well, but didn't punch the stupid spectator control. So goal tomorrow at MNOC sprint is to just run a clean nat'l sprint at a decent pace to erase the NAOC fiasco. Not that I'm bitter or something...

CY17 control goal count = 414

Wednesday Apr 26, 2017 #

X-cntry running 32:49 [3] 5.67 km (5:47 / km) +70m 5:27 / km
shoes: Adidas

Orienteering 5:00 [0]

Armchair-O: Robert Burnaby, GA

CY17 control goal count = 401

Monday Apr 24, 2017 #

X-cntry running 30:30 [3] 5.82 km (5:14 / km) +40m 5:04 / km
shoes: Adidas

Intervals. Felt much better, hooray for not being sick any more!

Orienteering 5:00 [0] ***

Armchair-O: Otrokovice, Czech Republic.

CY17 control goal count = 390

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