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Training Log Archive: j-man

In the 7 days ending Oct 20, 2012:

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Saturday Oct 20, 2012 #


While I didn’t race this day, the memories will be treasured for a long time.

Out in the terrain at 7:30AM, vetting the string of controls along the eastern ridge. As I approached, the sun was coming up over the river, and a golden glow enveloped the forest, with glistening leaves accentuated with coruscating lights. And an enveloping stillness. Then, as passed by one of the marshes, a very large and frightened creature crashed and splashed across it, away from me. I know it is most likely not the case, but I would like to think that it was a moose that came to visit.

Then, back to PEEC for a spell of hanging, but then with urgency—taxing the handling capabilities of the SUV—careened back to the arena, and was stoked by the racing.

Next, control pick-up. Apparently, Tom was dissatisfied by my speed in the morning, so I took it upon myself to remove the entire SW quadrant, including 5 water stops. But, I got what I wanted. I was there in the gloaming. Again, stillness, and the warm glow. The softness of the forest, controls there for me alone, with a few gentle tracks from runners that traversed those hills over the course of the day.

You all may have your own ontology, but my day was metaphysical to the utmost.


At around 9:30PM, set out with the headlamp and the controls, to set the S-most relay points. Almost ebone style. No compass. Tom took the NW ones, which aren't trivial, IMO.

Had some troubles, but got it done. At the saddle control, I thought I heard howling in the distance, and was happy to be on my way. As I got out to one of the trails, I noted a shining light off to my left. Was it Christine?

Then, after meeting Balter and streamering the route of the camera cable, staked the run to the start, and streamered OOB. No power tools this day after dark; I’d have to get that done during the sprint.

Friday Oct 19, 2012 #


NAOC middle.

Tuesday Oct 16, 2012 #


The enemy at Adams Creek harries us with more urgency. A FAED is lost and the forest cloaks dark secrets.

The winds of chance buffet us; our forces fall one by one.

The gods seek to confound the dreams of man. But, they cannot test the depths of our resolve, the content of our character, and our overwhelming will to overcome. The battle is nigh. Fatigue, fear, and doubt will have no station as we charge forth toward the everlasting dawn.


Acquired another clip for the weapon, thanks to Amazon one day delivery. When the anticipated firefight against the relay forest occurs, I will reload, and press on, with no hesitation. Deadfall be damned. Entropy will be in a ragged retreat, stumbling out of the way of the forces of order and 5 mkms.

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