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Training Log Archive: j-man

In the 7 days ending Jan 23, 2010:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Rowing Machine2 1:20:00 5.72 9.2
  Run2 1:03:00
  Bike1 30:00
  Total5 2:53:00 5.72 9.2

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Saturday Jan 23, 2010 #

Rowing Machine 40:00 [3] 9.2 km (4:21 / km)

Like yesteday: 20ish rpms and fairly smooth and strong. 13,800 pace for the 60 minutes -> 9,200.

Friday Jan 22, 2010 #

Rowing Machine 40:00 [3]

Thursday Jan 21, 2010 #

Run 33:00 [2]
shoes: 9 2007 Adidas

Ran over to Penncrest and around the much-augmented athletic fields. If athletic acreage is correlated with results, they should be a juggernaut. There does seem to be a correlation with taxes.


Attended my first meeting of the Philadelphia area reading group. It was a fairly edifying experience. Around ten people, a skein of lawyers, some PE guys, and our fearless leader. While I wouldn't consider many of them brilliant, they were clever enough to offer some insights into the text. This time it was MLK's Letter from Birmingham Jail.

Wednesday Jan 20, 2010 #

(rest day)

Another rest day of sorts. Moved Dasha's mom, which did afford some weight training, stretching, and deep tissue "massage" courtesy of a refrigerator.

Back to Media by midnight.

Tuesday Jan 19, 2010 #


I haven't been this happy in months and probably not this happy about a particular political outcome since sometime in the 1980s.

(rest day)

An unavoidable rest day.

Boston to Philadelphia (train), to Pottstown, to Media, to Gaithersburg (car). Arrived just before midnight.

Monday Jan 18, 2010 #

Run 30:00 [2]
shoes: Saucony Progrid Ride 11/9/2009

Level 8 hills.

Sunday Jan 17, 2010 #


So, I bit the bullet and registered for linear algebra on Thursday evenings during the spring semester at Harvard.

Thursday evenings, of course, are when the CSU winter track workouts occur. This means, as I will be in PA next week, that I will most likely not make any of these workouts. I am done before I've started.

But, I am OK with that. While not giving up on training, I am not prioritizing it at the moment either. Last year I typically ranged between 80 and 90 percent (mostly closer to 90) utilization of my theoretical physical capabilities. And that was fine and all, but, at the same time, my mental utilization averaged well below that.

Because I think I have a comparative mental advantage (rather than a physical one) and while my mental faculties are in a long term secular decline, this decline is currently less steep than the physical one (though the curves may cross at some point down the road) and the absolute maximal output is also higher for the mental at the current time. So, I suppose that my own eudaimonia (and likely my best contribution to the world at the moment) should involve more mental pursuits. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, as they say.

There is a time when the boy needs to put away the balls and bats (and compasses?) and grow up.

Bike 30:00 [2]

Intended to do an hour but my iPod died.

I did finish 50% (according to my Kindle) of the Wealth of Nations. What a most excellent book this is. It is truly a magnum opus.

Needless to say, the gulf is wide between it and the ephemeral tripe that passes for business and (much) economics reading these days. Although, my meta theory about the value of non-fiction writing and knowledge in general in our society should cause me to overlook some of that, and I will--but only in general, not for individuals. I can still bemoan the specific tripe I come across.

Anyway, Whitehead said that our philosophical tradition consists of footnotes to Plato (a characterization that is not far from the mark in my book.) But, if so, business writing over the past century strikes me as sixth grade plagiarism of the great Scott.

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