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Training Log Archive: j-man

In the 7 days ending Oct 3, 2009:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Run4 3:10:52 13.73 22.1
  Orienteering2 1:39:40 7.71(12:56) 12.4(8:02) 380
  Rowing Machine1 1:05:00
  Cross Training2 50:00
  Bike1 40:00 12.04(3:19) 19.38(2:04)
  Map hike1 30:00
  Weight training1 10:00
  Plyometrics1 7:00
  Total7 8:12:32 33.48 53.87 380

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Saturday Oct 3, 2009 #

Run warm up/down 10:00 [2]
shoes: August 2009 Integrators

A light warm-up before the race.

Orienteering 1:23:00 [3] **** 10.2 km (8:08 / km) +380m 6:52 / km
shoes: August 2009 Integrators

UNO Blue Day 1, Fox Forest.

OK run. Actually, I was pretty pleased until the end. But, probably lost 5 minutes between 13 and 15. Also, it looks like I was 2 minutes behind Brendan at 8.

UNO October 2009 Blue Day 10002

Friday Oct 2, 2009 #

Run warm up/down 17:00 [2]
shoes: Inov-8 Mudlcaw 330 August 2009

A pretty good warm-up before the sprint. Went down into town. Ran by LCM a bit. Groovy and aromatic.

Orienteering race 16:40 [4] *** 2.2 km (7:35 / km)
shoes: Inov-8 Mudlcaw 330 August 2009

UNO Team Benefit Sprint.

Took off pretty aggressively, but never got any flow. Felt like I was forcing it and always trying to catch up. I did think something was a little weird around the center of the map, but no excuse for this.


Very long day. Major props to Alex and Ed for their efforts. They picked me up at 11:30AM and dropped me off at the airport in Manchester ~7:30PM. Got home around 8:45PM.

During the time Ed and Alex managed start, finish, and results.

I do think that it was a silly time expenditure. But, it did net $400 for the (US Senior Foot O) Team. Thanks to Ed, Alex, and UNO.

Map hike 30:00 [2] ***
shoes: Inov-8 Mudlcaw 330 August 2009

Control pickup of the sprint controls.

Thursday Oct 1, 2009 #

Rowing Machine 30:00 [2]

Easy row. Had planned for 60 minutes of 20 spms. But, Kolya called at about 15 and I answered. He asked me to look into getting a truck (for the move he intended to do one or two hours hence) so, I had to abbreviate this.

Rowing Machine 35:00 intensity: (25:00 @2) + (10:00 @4)

10 minutes of warmup and then 10 x (1 minute on, 1 off).

During the power pieces, splits were ~153 for the first couple, and then ~151 for the later ones.

5 minutes of cooldown at the end.

Some blisters. But, I love this machine.

Wednesday Sep 30, 2009 #


I just noticed that Terry ran a 4:41 mile last year and a 4:38 (indoors) in 2007. I guess it is not surprising he pulls away from me on the track.

That said, if I achieve my medium-term goal, I will be closer to him.

Run 1:01:30 intensity: (8:30 @2) + (35:00 @3) + (18:00 @4)
shoes: Inov-8 Mudlcaw 330 August 2009

TNT Media. The final curtain call?

Eddie, Tom, and Harvey were there. Harvey waited for Eric, and when he didn't show, recused himself to the Media base.

Eddie, Tom, and I set off. Eddie and I started pushing the pace and it was good. The light was beautiful during the first 30 minutes, with golden rays bathing the trees and fields during those crepuscular moments.

Eddie took it to the hills, and particularly beat on the Red Hill. He effected such a result that henceforth this hill shall be called Bergeron Bluff.

As we finished, darkness descended. We finished with some nice and easy on the new and improved fields at Penncrest.

Tuesday Sep 29, 2009 #

Run warm up/down 35:00 [2] 4.44 mi (7:53 / mi)
shoes: 9 2007 Saucony

Over to the track. Legs felt pretty nice but the left ankle, on the inside, below the bone, was hurting for the first 10 minutes.

Plyometrics warm up/down 7:00 [2]

Nice stuff. Ankle doesn't hurt.

Run warm up/down 4:00 intensity: (3:00 @2) + (1:00 @3) 0.5 mi (8:00 / mi)
shoes: 9 2007 Saucony

Sttides on the straights.

Run intervals 28:22 intensity: (7:11 @2) + (21:11 @4) 4.35 mi (6:31 / mi)
shoes: 9 2007 Saucony


1000 x 6 @ 5K/3K/5K pace
400 steady / 200 surge / 400 steady

200 rest after all

There was a pretty good crowd there. SGB and Brendan showed up later.

Obligatory fast guys were there, but I wasn't really one. I did stay ahead of my guy on all of them, and I also stayed ahead of one of the fast guys on the last one. He had faded on 4 and 5 but was mounting a good charge coming into the finish. I mustered some sort of kick and edged him out.







And average laps of:
and overall average: 81.67

I have no idea if I made an appreciable surge on the middle 200, but I tried.

My hamstrings were notably tight after the third interval. Perhaps due to the squats yesterday. Or perhaps due to no running for two days.

Run warm up/down 35:00 [2] 4.44 mi (7:53 / mi)
shoes: 9 2007 Saucony

Ran straight home. While very tight at first, started feeling very good later.


Monday Sep 28, 2009 #

Cross Training 30:00 [2]

This wasn't suppose to be a rest day, but lack of motivation did me in. And then lack of towels and treadmills conspired to make it worse. So, I ended up on the cross trainer, starting at 11:15, or so.

Level 8 hills.

Weight training 10:00 [3]

Decided to try to do some plyometrics in the form of jumpies with 10 pounds. Not so good. I could get through 5 before the pain in my left ankle below and rear of the cone on the left side kicked in. Depressing. I can't remember when I could these--one of my favorite exercises--without pain. I did another set, with the same thing, and some more with no weight. Depressing. I don't think it is productive to force my way through these as there are still things I can do. But, these aren't getting any better and I wonder what other mechanical problems I might be suffering.

I also did some one legged squats and one set of normal squats. And abs and push-ups on the ball.

They weren't so good either. Either I messed up something in the push-ups today or yesterday, or while doing pull-ups. Actually, probably those. Anyway, the latissimus on the right (or possibly the teres something) is killing me.

Falling apart. That is what two rest days gets you.

Sunday Sep 27, 2009 #

Bike 40:00 [2] 12.04 mi (3:19 / mi)

Level 8 hills.

Cross Training 20:00 [2]

Level 8 hills.

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