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Training Log Archive: j-man

In the 7 days ending May 20, 2006:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Run5 3:32:00 25.06(8:28) 40.33(5:15)
  Map hike1 2:00:00 6.21(19:19) 10.0(12:00)
  Orienteering3 1:30:34 8.51(10:38) 13.7(6:37) 210
  Total5 7:02:34 39.79(10:37) 64.03(6:36) 210

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Saturday May 20, 2006 #

Run warm up/down 20:00 [1] 2.2 mi (9:05 / mi)
shoes: New VJ Spikes


Orienteering race 36:09 [4] **** 5.7 km (6:21 / km)
shoes: New VJ Spikes

A very good race.

This was the race that I dreaded during the weekend. I really just wanted to limit the potential damage.

I felt really smooth starting out, though, and the first controls were my style. Starting out to number 5, alarm bells went off -- that was a hard leg. So, I opted for what I considered a safe route, swinging by number 6. I knew I coul not afford to miss there. Looking at splits, I am surprised I did lose time there to others, as I thought I may have been moving well enough to compensate for distance. No matter.

Eric B. was at 5 right before me, and I took off after him.

The next few controls we were basically together. I still wanted to take some safer routes, and it paid on 7 at least as I spiked it while he came in from right. But, on 11, I misread, thinking I was on my way to 12, drifting left. I didn't care that I couldn't see Eric anymore, but then I realized what I did and pushed hard to reacquire contact with him so I could coast for a bit and pull myself back together.

Anyway, onto 12. We went largely straight across and up the stream. Midway, some things on the map didn't match perfectly, but since the attack was easy, I didn't care. Well, anyway, we flubbed it. I think we saw Greg, Grant, and Spike in the vicinity. Those guys all either found it right away or found it quickly. I relocated eventually, and found it too. I don't know what happened to Eric, but pushed onto to 13 to catch the train. Soon acquired Grant and saw Spike. Then, the Swampfox swwoped in like a banshee--now, with the alliance operational, I knew it would be OK. Still, I went a bit far right and high on 14 and we (Swampfox and I) hesitated and were a bit right on 16, but otherwise, so no additional damage.

Anyway, it was a good race. I concentrated well, took reasonable routes, and had good legs. However, I did appreciate having Swampfox show up. While running with Eric and earlier, I felt smooth and comfortable, but, I was beginning to lose the edge later in the race. Swampfox ensured that I got it back.

I think I lost a total of 2.5 minutes? 1.5 - 2 on 12 and 30 seconds elsewhere. Don't think 5 was a real loss.

Run warm up/down 10:00 [1] 1.1 mi (9:06 / mi)
shoes: New VJ Spikes

Cooldown with Dasha and Greg.

Friday May 19, 2006 #

Run 25:00 [1] 2.7 mi (9:16 / mi)
shoes: VJ Spikes


Orienteering race 15:19 [5] **** 2.7 km (5:40 / km) +60m 5:06 / km
shoes: VJ Spikes

Team Trials Sprint.

An OK race. Reasonably good technically, though maybe too conservative on route choice. In any case, I missed or failed to take some optimal routes and did few excessive switchbacks.

The bigger porblem was that I did not feel like I had good legs today. Just did not feel fast. Maybe the heat?

Overall, as I had high expectations for this race, I was disappointed.

Run warm up/down 15:00 [2] 1.8 mi (8:20 / mi)
shoes: VJ Spikes

Cool down with Greg on the rails to trails path.

Thursday May 18, 2006 #

Run 30:00 [2] 3.5 mi (8:34 / mi)
shoes: Old Asics

Should have taken a light. Fell off the curb and scratched up various things on left side.

Tuesday May 16, 2006 #

Run 1:32:00 [2] 11.4 mi (8:04 / mi)
shoes: VJ Spikes

Down past the police station.

Split back on the "race course" was ~23:00 but I stopped to talk to Chris. And it was at level 2.

Sunday May 14, 2006 #


Iron Hill

Green course = 5.2 K, 120M and 15 controls.
Want to run it in ~35.

Run 20:00 [2] 3.8 km (5:16 / km)
shoes: New VJ Spikes


Orienteering 39:06 [4] **** 5.3 km (7:23 / km) +150m 6:28 / km
shoes: New VJ Spikes

Iron Hill green.

Missed my goal time by a decent margin. 35 minutes would have been harder than I thought. I think I only lost 2.5 minutes, plus some time to hesitations.

I concentrated and ran well throughout. I'm not sure how to have better executed the control (10?) that caused my problems. It is in a very subtle area with new downed trees. Admittedly, I didn't have a great plan but short of taking it really slowly, I don't know how to improve things much.

Map hike 2:00:00 [1] *** 10.0 km (12:00 / km)
shoes: VJ Spikes

Terrain evaluation for SS Finals at Hickory Run with Harvey L. Have 2.5 good venues. The remaining .5 will need to wait until I see the fieldwork.

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