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Training Log Archive: j-man

In the 30 days ending Sep 30, 2012:

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Sunday Sep 30, 2012 #


National anthems obtained.


Just like Voyager, the NAOC2012 ad campaign is still broadcasting.



All six continents! And another flag to buy.

Tuesday Sep 25, 2012 #


A threshold is crossed and the goal now is visible on the distant horizon. We move apace!


Ghana, oh Ghana, where art thou, Ghana?

The orienteering hopes of Africa at NAOC now rest with Uganda.

Sunday Sep 23, 2012 #


I'm wrapping up the Google advertising campaign for NAOC2012. As you may have noticed, we have utilized many forms of advertising, over a long period of time. Later on, I may provide a full accounting of the different media, costs, and outcomes during the various campaigns. I am pretty pleased with the way it has went, and even if it was somewhat self-indulgent, it was also effective.

For those who may have conjectured about promoting orienteering, I can only share empirical results (which sort of agreed with my ex ante assumptions--so I feel somewhat vindicated.)

First, no one is searching for "orienteering" on Google. Probably not a surprise. It also doesn't rank that highly on the Display Network, either, so you won't get accidental views that way. I will say that the CTR, at 0.28%, was pretty good, but trailed "adventure race", which had a CTR of 0.31%. It accounted for 7.5% of my total clicks.

The best keyword? "wilderness", by a long shot. 30% of total impressions and 37.5% of clicks.

"tough mudder" and "mud run" were also good, just not quite as good. "adventure run" still has no traction.

Of course, a real analysis of these results would need to control for many factors. This trial used one ad, one set of keywords, and I have no idea about the context of the ads, etc. However, as an anecdotal exercise, it is at least interesting.

I wonder how my results compare to what OUSA has seen?

Also, I was told today that NAOC registrations have exceeded expectations. Only some expectations; mine are still a good bit higher.

Anyway, this is all for nought if you don't have a good product. But, having a great product, which no one knows about, might be worse.

Saturday Sep 22, 2012 #


A decent day at Adams Creek, with a lot of forest maintenance. At this point, Tom has nothing on me. The yellow trail is immaculate.

I also installed the McGrathCo FAED┬ęs at key locations. One of many innovations that were borne from NAOC, which I hope may be utilized by future generations.

I did not get my streamering done, as in my unsettled mental state from the morning, I forgot one key backpack.

Friday Sep 21, 2012 #


I am accumulating a veritable warehouse of gear for NAOC. Luckily, more will be installed in situ tomorrow.


Nice! Another flag to buy.

Thursday Sep 20, 2012 #


I made a nominal amount of money, with a reasonable risk-adjusted RoR playing craps without really knowing what I was doing. I am coming to realize that most casino games can't be really that difficult, lest they flummox their customers before extracting their surplus.

Luckily, I don't have the inclination to go out of my way to engage in these activities, nor do I find them a respectable avocation.

But, at least I did not directly contribute to the Romney campaign's principal enablers.

Sunday Sep 16, 2012 #


NAOC2012 Tech Team had it rocking at Hickory Run! Just wait until you see prime time!

Monday Sep 10, 2012 #


An amazing evening for running. But, dark amazingly early...

Wednesday Sep 5, 2012 #


A little sad that NAOC sprint registrations are clearly lagging the other events. These sprints are fantastic, and you don't need to "sprint" to enjoy this orienteering. They are true sprints, but real orienteering, too. What is better than that?

Tuesday Sep 4, 2012 #


Survived the Labor Day workcamp at the Water Gap. Two days, morning to night, driven by commandant Overbaugh.

Has there been an event where the course setter and the director of course setting have done more forest maintenance? I moved the trees; he dispersed the jungle foliage. If the terrain resisted us, we pushed harder; if the forest blustered, we subjugated it. We worked for the good of the people, in the silence of the wilderness. Officialdom may disavow us; society misunderstands us. Who will sing the songs memorializing these labors? Who will venerate the nameless orienteering perfectionist?

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