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Training Log Archive: Mona

In the 7 days ending Sep 28, 2008:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering2 3:15:16 10.57(18:29) 17.01(11:29) 273
  Stretch/Strength1 1:00:00
  Biking1 1:00:00 10.0(6:00) 16.09(3:44)
  Running1 46:39 4.44(10:30) 7.14(6:32) 200
  Total5 6:01:55 25.01 40.25 473

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Sunday Sep 28, 2008 #

Orienteering race 2:08:50 [3] 8.8 km (14:38 / km) +150m 13:29 / km
shoes: Integrators

NA Champs - Klondike State Forest - syracuse, ny - long - red X

I didn't exactly enjoy this event as much. I started again sleep deprived and not with proper nutrition the night before, which got me quite tired early in the run. Someday I'll figure out what it takes to be more dedicated to training and racing.

The day before I forgot to pick up my packet so I didn't have the clue sheet, so had to shuffle the map at each control to check the code.

I will skip little bobbles and go straight to big bobbles, as it seemed like the course today was simply a suggestion for me, not where I really should go.

Early enough I learned this is gonna be a marshy action, and that got me quite mad, especially for a long course.

Till no 12 I didn't have huge bobbles, but I was plenty tired and when I saw that for no 12 I had to cross a marsh just to cross it back out for no 13, I just did not have nice thoughts for the course setter. Now, with a more clear mind, I'm thinking maybe should have not rained that much it was not so bad, and also, maybe other orienteers actually enjoy marsh running. One fact is clear, my ankles hate it!

No 13 : first huge bobble, as my only goal was to get out of marsh and lost track of where I was pretty quickly. Went eventually to the lake to relocate.

No14: stopped short of control in similar feature and wandered a while till I decided to go further. Somewhere along, I actually had a big THORN in my eye! I was so happy to realize no damage was done!!

No 16: again stopped short, and I was so depressed that I didn't see anyone starting with control 11, that I really thought I was the last one in the woods and when I saw JJ I was quite happy. Even if I guessed his control was not mine, I still looked where he was going. Found a control and figured out what was on the map and easily found mine after.

Last 2 controls were ok, and I was so tired could not even sprint in the finish shute. I was pleasantly suprised not to be the only one at the finish.

The only thing that kept me from quiting a few times, especially at 12, for crossing that stupid marsh, then as big bobbles were coming one after the another, was the thought that as bad as I'll do, as much as I get lost in the woods (or relocate:) it will still feel better to finish and there will always be other people that did even worse. And guess what: it was true! I was kinda content to finish and there were several ladies that took even more time to finish.

Note for future: NEVER quit!

(ok, unless really injured, or some sort of danger)

Saturday Sep 27, 2008 #

Orienteering race 1:06:26 [3] 5.1 mi (13:02 / mi) +123m 12:07 / mi
shoes: Integrators

NA Champs - Salmon river fish hatchery - syracuse, ny - middle - red X

These woods were just perfect! We did have to cross a creek a few times but after the practice a couple weeks ago in Chicago this was a "walk in the park".

Given the lack of sleep, diziness and lack of training, I was actually happy with my results. It probably had to do with the fact I really enjoyed the course too! Finally something that adds some challenge, that makes you read the map instead of trail running!

Lets review "little bobbles":

start - 1: usual time to find north, start, first control on the map and adjust to the map. I was already happy when I saw control description (all depresionns and renetrants, so I figured not too many boulders and nice terrain)

1-2: got over the euphoria. tried to avoid going up at all. quite successful for now

2-3: easy handrails through the valleys

3-4: first thing I see the marsh and then the river. So I minimized marsh crossing and the creek was not bad either. Easy handrail along the marsh again.

4-5: walked to the trail junction and took the trail to flat area, then straight to the control

5-6: Straight shot. Slightly to the left to make sure I don't miss it.

6-7: This leg my brain must have gone foggy due to marsh aversion. I went up extra contours just to stay away from the marsh (I had no idea that time waht was coming next day!!). Crossed the creek almost same spot, except that I did a face down in the mud right before crossing it this time. Give me mud or water and I will fall in it!! Took the trail to junction and then along the valley.

7-8: Straight shot. Slightly to the right to make sure I don't miss it.

8-9: Along the marsh, crossed the creek, trail along the marsh and lovely detail map reading to control

9-10: Getting abit tired now. Took a straight shot again, checked the little trail junction thing, then kept straight...and got lucky because I don't remember reading the map that much now

10-11: I remember this leg was very fun. I think must have realized I was on my way to finish, so I got excited. Hopped out of my strating depression and into the my control large valley-depression. This was an example of keeping control 100% and got to my depression just as I expected.

11-12: "quickly' to trail, I got confused for a little bit by a faint trail but "quickly" recovered and got on the right trail.

12-13: long way on the trail again to avoid marshes.

I knew my time was not great just as soon as I saw on my watch over 50 min, but I did enjoy the course and the terrain was lovely, so time was not exactly of the essence. Great job whoever picked the placed and designed the course, nice combo between slighly easy (but not trail running) legs and intense map reading. I only got dizzy real bad once and had to focus to run between the trees and not through them:)

If it was not of the gloomy days there, i would consider that to be a potential great spot to move for orienteering purposes.

Thursday Sep 25, 2008 #

Biking 1:00:00 [2] 10.0 mi (6:00 / mi)
shoes: Nort face

Down south

Biking at night again. tested new lamp. found some "interesting" trail, but not sure if we wanted to investigate at night...

Tuesday Sep 23, 2008 #

Running (trail paved) 46:39 [3] 4.44 mi (10:30 / mi) +200m 9:13 / mi
shoes: NB 1060

Up north

Started out quite slowly. Ran into Mike, so the run up was not too boring. But then on the way down I try o "crank" it a bit, so it turned out t be a good workout. I need to start EVEN earlier!

27min on the way up
19min on the way down

Monday Sep 22, 2008 #

Stretch/Strength (Body Pump) 1:00:00 [2]

Men Falls

Bare footed (forgot shoes). Sleepy. I slept over 8h last night, but maybe I need more. Who knows. I'm not planning to do the overachiving Monday, but maybe a night road biking with my new light is due...

Big break: I have not done any BP in 2 weeks...But I did keep the weights almnost the same, except I used the light bar.

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