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Training Log Archive: Becks

In the 7 days ending May 14, 2012:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running5 4:16:57 25.74(9:59) 41.42(6:12) 657
  Orienteering1 1:01:49 6.25(9:53) 10.07(6:08) 141
  Cross Fit1 51:51
  Total6 6:10:37 31.99 51.48 798
  [1-5]6 6:06:02

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Monday May 14, 2012 #

(rest day)

Tired! Impromptu rest day!


Black Rock State Park

Another State Park and a rant about the economy, all rolled into one!

Sunday May 13, 2012 #

11 AM

Orienteering 26:34 intensity: (4:13 @1) + (4:41 @2) + (14:38 @3) + (3:02 @4) 3.69 km (7:11 / km) +42m 6:48 / km
ahr:153 max:178

Knowing there was no way I could properly race three sprints, I decided I would warm up round the first, race the second, then warm down round the third at Fairfield today. Luckily Marie liked my idea, and for the warm up we ran and tested out different routes, meeting up to discuss them at the controls. There was a couple I was surprised by. Marie's wiggly route through the gates to the right to two was miles faster than my simple one round to the left, by a very long way. That route was faster again on the way to four, when I would definitely have gone left. I made it to six first by going right, but it was more complex than I expected, didn't see a lot of the detail on the map till I got to the control and stood still. Kept it simple by looking at the car parks, and that helped forget all the extra stuff. Right from 11-12 was less of an advantage than I thought. So, a really useful exercise, likely in the "it doesn't really matter that much what route you take, as long as you do it with conviction" theme. Good training.

Sprint B QR

Orienteering 17:37 intensity: (20 @1) + (3 @2) + (1:56 @3) + (10:29 @4) + (4:49 @5) 3.3 km (5:21 / km) +55m 4:56 / km
ahr:178 max:188

I raced this one. And it felt the best I have felt out there in a long, long time. Small error leaving two, should have gone directly west and braved the marsh/stream, instead of fannying around in the light green. Other than that bang on, though imperfect flow in the 8-11 block when the fatigue was setting in. Made an effort to rectify this on the way to 12, and it worked. Body felt strong. This was really, really good. (I should add that the QR is not massively accurate, pretty sure I didn't cross anything uncrossable, but you can see my route choices).

Sprint C QR

Orienteering 17:38 intensity: (18 @1) + (14 @2) + (3:57 @3) + (12:46 @4) + (23 @5) 3.08 km (5:44 / km) +44m 5:21 / km
ahr:174 max:184

Was supposed to jog this one, but Marie almost caught me at one, and I guess I failed after that. Legs were still working, just about, but definitely feeling tired. Poor planning meant I was not confident at the feature for 1. After that much better, nice low route to 7 minimised climb, but tired on the long sections.

Sprint A QR

Running 8:00 intensity: (1:05 @1) + (36 @2) + (5:48 @3) + (31 @4) 1.25 km (6:23 / km) +24m 5:50 / km
ahr:156 max:173

A proper warm down to look at the view we missed while running. Turns out we were shattered, and after a quick stretch on top of the hill, we were done. Fantastic day of O', excellent map and course planning, beautiful campus. Many thanks to Rick and Susie.

Saturday May 12, 2012 #

9 AM

Running 1:30:04 intensity: (1:16 @1) + (5:20 @2) + (1:12:46 @3) + (10:42 @4) 13.2 km (6:49 / km) +264m 6:12 / km
ahr:162 max:176 shoes: Grey Saucony Excursion

First solo long run in a very long time! Woke up without the alarm at around 8.30, and decided to get a run n before State Parking with Rob this afternoon. The weather is glorious, 22 degrees C seems to be the perfect temperature, and there were birds and squirrels everywhere. I meant to take the red trail all the way till it intersected the Regicides, but my map memory was poor and I couldn't find it where it crossed the road, so I ended up taking the road, then the yellow up to the blue. This was a bit short so I did a bonus loop at the end. Really fun to be out there, the Regicides is very technical, plenty of ups and downs and rocks, and the woods are gorgeous. Yey!

Friday May 11, 2012 #

8 AM

Cross Fit 51:51 intensity: (4:35 @0) + (40:06 @1) + (2:04 @2) + (3:55 @3) + (1:11 @4)
ahr:107 max:178 shoes: Grey Saucony Excursion

Cross fit on ramp session two. Lots of technique - including jerks with a piece of piping, which is really difficult without any weight and feels very silly. Some rowing, some pull ups with resistance bands and a few other things. Then a short work out this time: AMRAP (As many reps/rounds as possible) in 1 min of 5 jumping pull ups and 5 burpees (with a press up, eep), 3 times with a minute's rest. 3 minutes of hard work - a lot harder than it sounds.

This is really, really fun. I like it a lot.

Thursday May 10, 2012 #

6 PM

Running 1:02:27 intensity: (7:37 @1) + (17:37 @2) + (23:30 @3) + (11:57 @4) + (1:46 @5) 10.26 km (6:05 / km) +245m 5:26 / km
ahr:155 max:186 shoes: Grey Saucony Excursion

Trail intervals with Marie and Alex (a local trail runner, Miss Jospe didn't do more driving to join us, unfortunately ;) ). We did two sets of 3, 2, 1, 0.5 with one minute's rest, and a bit longer between sets because Alex and I got carried away talking. I was losing touch less today, but I am still a long way from Marie pace. However, it felt infinitely better and stronger than the last two sessions, so I am happy. Had a George AOWN moment when I saw something wandering across the field at the end, and it turned out to be a racoon. We watched it climb really high up a tree, it was totally awesome.

Wednesday May 9, 2012 #

(rest day)

Well deserved rest day. It's pissing it down and we're leaving work early to go see M83 in Boston tonight! Whoo whoo! Then driving home and going to bed very late again. But M83! Whoo whoo!


New CT A to Z action. Bigelow Hollow is awesome!

Now I really need my primers to get synthesized, and I can actually get busy for the day. I should have had three major things to do today, but I am not being very lucky with deliveries it seems. Thumb twiddle time...

Bah...detergent in "final stages of synthesis." That's one possible thing to do out till next week. You'd think a company as big as Fisher might have a few of such things in stock...

Tuesday May 8, 2012 #

7 AM

Running 1:03:42 intensity: (5:22 @1) + (12:19 @2) + (30:27 @3) + (8:59 @4) + (6:35 @5) 10.85 km (5:52 / km) +71m 5:41 / km
ahr:160 max:189 shoes: Grey Saucony Excursion

After a slightly raucous evening of fun with Charlie B last night, I was surprised to wake up naturally at 6.55, grabbed a bite to eat and set off on intervals session 4. My legs were tired and my throat was full of gunk again, but as I got going, I was still hitting the times relatively smoothly. Session was 400 x 2 (1.15), 600 x 2 (1.30), 800 x 2 (1.30), 400. Zipped up a level on the last one again.

Session was pretty good, but I think a rest day is probably in order tomorrow nonetheless.

6 PM

Running 32:44 intensity: (2:39 @1) + (17:45 @2) + (12:20 @3) 5.86 km (5:35 / km) +53m 5:20 / km
ahr:147 max:161

Recovery jog with Kat round East Rock. It was minging and raining, but my legs felt surprisingly good. Yey for training!

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