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Training Log Archive: Olly

In the 31 days ending Jul 31, 2006:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Rogaine1 12:15:00 29.2(25:10) 47.0(15:38)
  Orienteering8 6:15:34 27.31 43.96 116562 /80c77%
  Run9 3:49:29 26.59 42.8 295
  Road Bike2 2:35:00 39.15(15.2/h) 63.0(24.4/h)
  Boxing1 6:00
  Total19 25:01:03 122.26 196.76 146062 /80c77%
averages - sleep:9 weight:27.2kg

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Monday Jul 31, 2006 #

Run (Training run Limestone Pa) 25:16 [3] 6.0 km (4:13 / km) +100m 3:53 / km
shoes: Ascent Creations

6km run on the 3km cross country loop. Tried to keep under 4.5min/km. Felt pretty good through the first 3km, started to hurt a bit on the last hill. Ran faster than I did a month or two ago when i did a time trial.

Saturday Jul 29, 2006 #

Orienteering race (QLD Schools Champs) 49:30 [3] *** 6.3 km (7:51 / km) +170m 6:55 / km
spiked:8/12c shoes: Ascent Creations

QLD Schools Champs. Ran the Senior boys course in the spectator race. Has to be one of the worst runs I've done in the last couple of months. Stuffed up 4 slightly(lossed maybe 1min), then completely screwed up 6(getting on for 6mins lost here) then minor errors on 7 and 8 even though i was within 100m of the control. Ended up being slaughtered by Simon who did 42mins. Went out and collected controls afterwards.

Thursday Jul 27, 2006 #

Orienteering race (Midweek event at Daisy Hi) 32:17 [2] *** 4.2 km (7:41 / km) +150m 6:31 / km
spiked:10/12c shoes: Ascent Creations

Mid-week event. Bit sore from last nights sprint sessions. Running was fine, navigation a bit scrappy in places, and one control was in the wrong spot. Could do the course in under 30mins if I wanted too.

Wednesday Jul 26, 2006 #

Run (Sprint sessions) 18:23 [3] 5.4 km (3:24 / km)
ahr:255 max:180 shoes: Ascent Creations

6X 900m sprints with Laurina and Kieran. Couldn't do full 1km cause of construction along the road. Times were(in order); 3.03, 3.03, 3.06, 3.05, 3.07, 2.59. Felt really good on the first two and the last one.

Monday Jul 24, 2006 #

Run (Training Run Anzac Park) 40:48 [1]
shoes: Ascent Creations

Light jog round Anzac Park with laurina. Kieran bailed cause he had to work. Pushed it slightly up the hills but other than that it was pretty easy running.

Sunday Jul 23, 2006 #

Orienteering race (State Event at One Mile C) 1:00:10 [3] *** 4.7 km (12:48 / km) +340m 9:24 / km
spiked:11/16c shoes: Ascent Creations

State Event at One Mile Ck. Pretty shit map, thick and steep. Running was good and navigation was fine until i stabbed myself in the eye with a stick. After that couldn't see too well and ended up running up the wrong creek to number 12 lost about 7mins i think. That was the only real stuff up, all other errors only minor. Probably lost less than 5mins throughout the rest of the course.

Orienteering race (State Event at One Mile C) 12:09 [3] *** 2.1 km (5:47 / km) +95m 4:43 / km
spiked:11/11c shoes: Ascent Creations

Still had some energy so decided to smash down the blue course. Its was about 1km of down hill then the rest all uphill. Steepest blue course i've run. Legs were feeling it a bit.

Friday Jul 21, 2006 #

Road Bike (Road Ride) 1:35:00 [2] 40.0 km (25.3 kph)
shoes: Shimano M-038

Road out to Rosewood and back. Felt pretty good. Attacked the hills pretty well. Couple more idiots driving though.

Thursday Jul 20, 2006 #

Orienteering race (Thursday Event) 26:43 [3] *** 3.9 km (6:51 / km) +160m 5:41 / km

Mid-week event at Stockyard South. Kieran and Daniel were there so decided to do a chasing start off the weekends results. Got second by a bit over a minute to Kieran. Haven't run on this map before, bit thick in places.

Tuesday Jul 18, 2006 #

Orienteering (Compass Work) 45:00 [2] *** 3.2 km (14:04 / km)
shoes: Ascent Creations

Clive's training at Gap Creek. Compass work/ Fitness. 5X 600m-1000m loops in pairs. 4 controls each loop, go in opposite directions and put out 2 controls and collect 2 on the way back. Short break in between.

Monday Jul 17, 2006 #

Run (Limestone Park Course) 35:47 [3] 8.0 km (4:28 / km) +135m 4:07 / km
shoes: Ascent Creations

8km training run at Limestone Park on the X-country course. Felt pretty good whole way round.

Sunday Jul 16, 2006 #

Orienteering race (Badge event Flagstone Wes) 1:16:48 [4] *** 9.9 km (7:45 / km) +250m 6:53 / km
spiked:13/18c shoes: Ascent Creations

Badge event at Flagstone West. Was running extremely well except for a couple of navigation errors round the control sites. Geoff managed to beat me by 1min because of my first control, but then Kieran absolutely slaughtered me by 10mins. Other than that it was good.

Run (Car park to assembly area) 20:00 [2] 3.9 km (5:08 / km) +60m 4:46 / km

Ran from assembly area to carpark cause dad was waiting, then found out he didn't get the car keys so had to run all the way back up the hill then back down again.

Boxing (Boxing Reps.) 6:00 [2]

Boxing reps with molly. 2X (1min left arm, 1min both arms, 1min rips). Arms sore afterwards.

Friday Jul 14, 2006 #

Road Bike (Road Ride) 1:00:00 [2] 23.0 km (23.0 kph)
shoes: Shimano M-038

Rode out to Walloon and back. Felt pretty good whole way. Couple of close calls with d*^kheads driving.

Thursday Jul 13, 2006 #

Run (Easy Jog) 28:23 [1] 5.0 km (5:41 / km)
shoes: Ascent Creations

Easy Jog with dad round the half marathon 5km loop. Quads are still rooted from the other day. Gonna try some cycling and stretching. Hopefully they'll be fine for the badge this weekend.

Wednesday Jul 12, 2006 #

Run (Training run) 14:06 [1] 3.5 km (4:02 / km)
shoes: Ascent Creations

Training run. Quads are really sore from doing leg presses and other exercises at gym yesterday.

Tuesday Jul 11, 2006 #

Orienteering (Compass Work) 30:00 [2] ***
slept:9.0 weight:27.2kg shoes: Ascent Creations

Compass work at Clive's training. Nothing to hard. Then did some mapping exercise. Hit up the gym afterwards with Kieran and Laurina. Did 15mins on cross trainer on hills at level 13. About 1km of rowing in 6mins. Then did some weight sessions.

Saturday Jul 8, 2006 #

Rogaine race (QLD Rogaine Champs) 12:15:00 [3] ** 47.0 km (15:38 / km)
weight:27.2kg shoes: Ascent Creations

QLD Rogaining Champs. Did the 24hr event but went for 12hours straight walking/jogging with a 1 hour break around 7pm at the hash house. Terrain was really fast grazing land with some extremely steep hills. Ended up winning mixed opens.

Wednesday Jul 5, 2006 #

Run (Sprint Session) 10:30 [5] 3.0 km (3:30 / km)
weight:27.2kg shoes: Ascent Creations

Sprint sessions. First sprint session in ages. Legs pretty sore. Not feeling as fit as before easter. 5X 600m reps with 200m walk recovery. Will have to get a few more intense sessions in before the NOL.

Tuesday Jul 4, 2006 #

Run (Training Run) 36:16 [5] 8.0 km (4:32 / km)
weight:27.2kg shoes: Ascent Creations

8km Training run/ Detox from party run at limestone park. Felt pretty good suprisingly and ran an alright time.

Saturday Jul 1, 2006 #

Orienteering race (Local Club) 42:57 [4] * 6.0 mi (7:10 / mi)
weight:27.2kg shoes: Ascent Creations

Local Club event at Cicada/Merri Merri Park. Mostly street with some bush sections. Ran fairly hard around certain parts of the course. Bit tired from the training camp. Think my time is faster than what was recorded but didn't have a watch on me so can't prove anything. Navigation all good.

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