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Training Log Archive: Spokauskaite

In the 7 days ending May 19:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Hiking 6 21:52:25 42.41(30:57) 68.26(19:14) 3496
  Total6 21:52:25 42.41(30:57) 68.26(19:14) 3496

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Saturday May 18 #

11 AM

Hiking 2:10:25 [1] 7.86 km (16:35 / km) +219m 14:33 / km

Day 14. Last day.. It was Saturday and good weather and we decided not to go to Yosemite Valley. We went to Hetch Hetchy Reservoir and hiked there instead. There were lots of wild flowers :))) , which was nice to see after running over dead rocks for the past couple of weeks.

I think this time of the year is good for Yosemite, but many trails are still full of snow and fallen trees. So maybe September would be better, because the trails would probably be cleaned.

Friday May 17 #

11 AM

Hiking 59:41 [1] 3.62 km (16:30 / km) +84m 14:46 / km

Day 13. Fully sunny day! We all went to hike Mirror lake, but everybody wanted to go at a relaxed pace, except for me, so I went ahead alone. I wanted to go all the way up and try again to reach North Dome from the other side. There were lots of people in the beginning, but almost no people after the trail became like an obstacle course. After the trashy part, the trail was good again. And it finally started going up!

Hiking 3:51:06 [3] 13.5 km (17:07 / km) +734m 13:28 / km

I restarted my watch after seeing distance stuck at 3.62 for maybe 15 minutes. Anyway, the excellent part of the trail began! This was one of my favorite hikes. I hiked up to snow creek, and met only few people in the way. The views here were amazing. At the top, I took the trail on the left going along the creek, while all backpackers would have went right. From fresh snow that fell down last night I could tell I was the first person to walk this trail today! The trail was mostly runnable and I was running there like a happy Bambi. I was having so much fun and I still had half of snickers and couple of out of shape sandwitches, so I was ready to go to the North Dome and further, even through El Captain and down some long trail that ends behind the bagel shop in Suffern, NJ. Ok, maybe not so far. I guess it doesn't matter, because I ran into a fallen tree and everything behind it was covered in snow and more fallen trees and I had to turn around...

Thursday May 16 #

1 PM

Hiking 2:29:36 [1] 8.65 km (17:18 / km) +527m 13:16 / km

Day 12. Now this was supposed to be my rest day, because it was going to rain a lot, and I was ready to just go chill somewhere warm on the couch with a book. But no. It was a sunny morning and we decided we HAD to go hiking. But we all wanted to see different things, so we separated. Initially I was going to go for Nevada falls, but it started to rain and got cold and so misty, that I could see nothing, but the trail under my feet. So I cut the trail short and came back through Vernal Falls. If I knew the hike would be so short, I wouldn't have taken a giant potato with me up and down the trail.

Wednesday May 15 #

12 PM

Hiking 6:49:22 [1] 20.71 km (19:46 / km) +1369m 14:51 / km

Day 11. Almost didn't rain! Hiked with Anna to upper falls and went to Yosemite point. There were little people on the top, as most people give up hiking after they get tired, or see something interesting enough for them to feel satisfied and go home. Which is perfect!

We then made an attempt to hike to the North Dome. We met a few guys coming from that direction, and they said they lost the trail. We went forward anyway, but not far enough. We lost and found and lost and found and lost the trail. Tried following footprints in the snow, but gave up after running into lots of fallen trees...

Tuesday May 14 #

10 AM

Hiking 4:15:18 [1] 11.1 km (23:00 / km) +465m 19:01 / km

Day 10. Still in Giant Forest. This hike was excellent. No people at all. Probably because there was lots of snow! We tried following the trail, or more like some person's and bear's footprints/paw prints. Beautiful nature. Seems like this time of the year is great for visiting this place( if it's sunny! ). We camped just outside the park at Three Rivers, where it was 15C temp at night and it was cool enough at the park in a day time to have a comfortable hike. Also, since the snow was hard, you could just slide downhill!

Now we are going to the last place planned for this trip - Yosemite Park. It will be raining all the time we are there, which is great, because :
1. There will be less people
2. It will be cool and it will be easier to do long hike
3. We don't have to worry about drying our shoes from today's hike


Monday May 13 #

6 PM

Hiking 1:16:57 [1] 2.81 km (27:21 / km) +98m 23:19 / km

Day 9! First ever thing in my bucket list, that I wanted to visit since I was a lil kid. No, not Disneyland. A Sequoia Forest! I think it was my dad who was so fascinated about these trees first, and then he transferred his obsession to me. I would look at the pics of these trees in a book and think how cool they were, and I wanted to go and hug one (or try to hug one). So I finally did. :) Went to Giant Forest today to check out General Sherman, the largest by volume tree in the world.

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