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Training Log Archive: blairtrewin

In the 7 days ending Sep 28, 2012:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Run6 4:00:36 21.75(11:04) 35.0(6:52) 36069 /76c90%
  Total6 4:00:36 21.75(11:04) 35.0(6:52) 36069 /76c90%

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Friday Sep 28, 2012 #

11 AM

Run race ((orienteering)) 20:07 [4] *** 3.4 km (5:55 / km) +70m 5:22 / km

Australian Sprint Championships at Bicheno. The forecast models suggested that the rain today would peak between 10am and 1pm and it was right - wind-driven (although not particularly heavy) rain fell throughout the race. With some running on coastal rock shelves in prospect I felt the appropriate tyre choice, in F1 parlance, was extreme wets, and wore metal studs - this worked pretty well as I had good grip on the rock and it didn't bother me too much on the road sections.

This was a decent run and landed me with a midfield result, 17th. Didn't really miss anything, although a little hesitant at times, and avoiding doing anything silly (both in terms of fine navigation and in ensuring good passages through the coastal scrub to/from the coast) gave me a jump on a few others. It was certainly encouraging to see my 1- and 2-minute men (Steve Todkill and Jim) at 2. I was around Jim for much of the course, although we went different ways (for the same result) on the long leg, and a couple of others. Not feeling all that fast, but better running than earlier on this week. Whether I'm in good shape for a long distance race is a question which will go unanswered.

Thursday Sep 27, 2012 #


The Hoggster ranks even higher on another ranking list than he did at the Australian Middle Distance Championships; one of the tidbits of information at today's workshop was that he is the second largest user of the National Computational Infrastructure's supercomputer.
7 AM

Run 46:00 [3] 9.0 km (5:07 / km)

Morning session in Hobart with Andy (who's one of the organisers of the climate workshop - and very kindly put all the climate extremes stuff on today when I could be there) and a work colleague from Melbourne; an out-and-back initially up the Hobart Rivulet (a watercourse I previously only knew from flood warnings) and then up onto a ridge and around the back of the tip. Reminded in no uncertain terms that I still haven't got my hill strength back; was struggling to keep up on the steeper climbs.

Wednesday Sep 26, 2012 #

6 PM

Run 32:00 [3] 6.0 km (5:20 / km)

A day when the run was a bit of an afterthought, given that the morning was spent doing commentary at the Schools Relays and the late afternoon at a climate workshop in Hobart, with a 2-hour drive in between them. Squeezed the run in between the end of said workshop and the start of the workshop dinner; a brief jaunt around Battery Point and Sandy Bay with Jenny (who's come down to Hobart with me). Various joints felt pretty stiff and sore at the start but that settled quickly.

Departure from the relays was a bit later than planned because the senior girls winning times were longer than planned (and because the sprint finish between Queensland and Victoria for 5th and 6th was going to decide equal second place in the overall pointscore). The latter battle certainly stretched my voice, being elongated because both protagonists disappeared into the vague general vicinity of the second-last control and didn't re-emerge for what seemed like ages (but was probably only three or four minutes).

Tuesday Sep 25, 2012 #

2 PM

Run race ((orienteering)) 48:40 [4] *** 6.6 km (7:22 / km) +290m 6:03 / km

Post-Schools run at Royal George. I've gone past the stage of being realistically able to challenge the best Schools people in this race (especially in a year when there is a WOC finalist in the Schools field, not something you see every year), and had set my target at the mid-46s time posted by Shamus Morrison for fifth place.

Certainly feeling better than the weekend, although still not 100%; not a lot of strength up hills, and not a lot of terrain fluency down them, especially when fallen timber was involved. A decent run technically though, with only a couple of minor 10-second hesitations. Ended up a couple of minutes short of the time I was hoping for, although did manage a narrow win in today's round of the IOF Foot O Commission Championship.

NZ were again dominant, and Tasmania dominant of the states, but Victoria and South Australia both had their best days for awhile. We await the spectator spectacle of the relays.

Monday Sep 24, 2012 #

(sick) (rest day)

Still not feeling great this morning (although somewhat better in the afternoon) so didn't go out for a run today, contenting myself with a climb to the Wineglass Bay lookout (we ran out of time to go all the way to Wineglass as I had to get back in time to be presidential at the Schools opening ceremony). I'm entered for tomorrow and plan to run at this stage, although not necessarily very fast.

Meanwhile, in something of a shock I actually won a split on Saturday (number 17, a short leg where I was chasing Bryan and Ecmo). I think the last time I won a split at this level was at Easter 2009.

Sunday Sep 23, 2012 #

9 AM

Run race ((orienteering)) 42:30 [4] *** 4.7 km (9:03 / km)
spiked:8/9c (sick)

About the only positive from today is that at least I now know why I ran badly yesterday; I was feeling unwell and lethargic this morning, but thought I'd warm up and at least give it a go. It was soon apparent that this wasn't going to work as I struggled even with two-contour hills; if it had been a national championship, or if the Nuggets had needed the points, I probably would have tried to push on but as neither of those applied I didn't think a 13km slog would do myself any favours, and came in from 6. (Being blown away by Ecmo between 4 and 5 assisted me a bit in this decision).

This is getting a bit frustrating - it's the fourth time in 18 months that a big race weekend has been illness-affected, and I can't even blame it on bugs recirculated from childcare like most of my contemporaries. (It's not as if I'm a particularly sickly person, either - it's nearly 30 years since I've had a day off work/uni/school due to illness).

An early finish did at least give me the chance to get on the mike (doing it mostly the old-fashioned way with a start list and mental arithmetic). I'm guessing most of the Schools teams didn't know what I was talking about when I described what was left of Mel Fuller's shoe as being the most shredded piece of tread I'd seen since Nigel Mansell at the 1986 Grand Prix in Adelaide (I'm sure footage of the latter can be found on YouTube if you look hard enough).

Saturday Sep 22, 2012 #

1 PM

Run race ((orienteering)) 51:19 [4] **** 5.3 km (9:41 / km)

My sequence of middle championships top-10s ended after a disappointing day in some of the more challenging terrain the St. Helens mining has to offer. Too many mistakes but the biggest problem was the running - couldn't get into any sort of a rhythm in the rough stuff, and then had no speed or strength once it opened up at the end.

Missed about 2 minutes on 10, just not seeing it in the circle; also 30 seconds or so at 16, and horrible routes on 18 and (especially) 19, trying too hard to stay out of heavy erosion.

Had a day of frustration in dicing with Ecmo, someone I've been dicing with for over 20 years. He started two minutes ahead of me and I was almost onto him at 9, but Craney went through us and pulled him clear; then at 16, I'd almost caught him again and this time it was Bryan who did the honours. He eventually beat me by one second.

The kilometre rates today make me a little worried about the winning times for next Saturday, although it's not as continuously intense as today was, and I have test-run the women's course so it shouldn't be horribly wrong.

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