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Training Log Archive: hkleaf

In the 7 days ending Sep 22, 2007:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering4 4:48:04 12.67 20.39 29860 /70c85%
  Running3 1:49:11 13.39(8:09) 21.55(5:04)
  Cycling1 45:00 16.2(21.6/h) 26.07(34.8/h)
  Stretching5 27:00
  Total5 7:49:15 42.26 68.01 29860 /70c85%
averages - sleep:7 weight:56.9kg

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Saturday Sep 22, 2007 #

Running warm up/down (Grass) 38:00 [1] 4.47 mi (8:30 / mi)
slept:7.0 shoes: VJ Integrator

Warm up runs for each of the 3 sprints. ~15' for the first 2, but after spectating the exciting Finals, I only had time for a brief warm up before the last sprint.
*pace is estimated.

Orienteering race (A-Meet Sprint) 15:27 [5] *** 2.22 km (6:58 / km) +51m 6:15 / km
spiked:14/15c shoes: VJ Integrator

WCOC Sprint A-Meet and Finals - Cranbury Park, Norwalk, CT.
Sprint A (Course 3): 2.22k, 51m, 15c. (1:4000, 1.5m)
Course Setter: Joe Brautigam
High 70s, overcast, and humid.

Overall a fairly clean run for me, just not very fast nor confident the whole time. Hesitated slightly at the trail junction N of #1, and just like that Brendan (who started 30s behind) had caught up to me by the time I punched. We were mostly together from #2 thru #11, alternating leads. I think somewhere around 5-6, we were briefly joined by Samantha. But I took a bad route (way wide right) to #6, whereas she went left? On the way to #11, Mike S. zoomed past me like he was floating through the rocky terrain! He also quickly darted out of sight, so there was no chance of sticking with him. I ran well the rest of the way, and to my surprise saw Mike S. heading to #15. He must've slowed down a bit or made an error. I tried my hardest to sprint in, but he?s just too fast. My finish time wasn't great, but it was at least good enough to keep me in 6th place, hanging on by a thread.

Orienteering race (A-Meet Sprint) 15:56 [5] *** 2.33 km (6:50 / km) +52m 6:09 / km
spiked:10/13c shoes: VJ Integrator

WCOC Sprint A-Meet and Finals - Cranbury Park, Norwalk, CT.
Sprint B (Course 3): 2.33k, 52m, 13c. (1:4000, 1.5m)
Course Setter: Joe Brautigam
High 70s, light rain, and humid.

I ate some snacks, drank plenty of fluids, and made sure my legs stayed loose in-between sprints. Knowing that I was still in 6th place made me extra nervous. I stuck with my pre-race routines and tried to calm myself as best I can. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough to help me run a good race. I started running down the trail instead of straight thru the woods. I corrected myself and got to #1 just fine, but probably lost some precious seconds there. I saw Mike S., who started 30s ahead, coming from further right. I assumed he's made a similar mistake as me. We were kind of together to #2, but then I made a mistake at #3 hitting the bare rock S of the control. I was on my own until #8, where I stopped one reentrant too early searching for the control. This is when Samantha caught up to me. We then traded leads, took slightly different lines, but ended up running together till the finish. Going to #13, I saw Mike S. once again. He drifted right as if he's heading to the finish. This allowed me to catch up and punch #13 first. With both Mike and Samantha hot on my tail, I mustered all my strength and sprinted as fast as I could to barely hold off the two of them. At least my disappointing run ended on a positive note. :) It took a while to compile the results and final standings. Mikkel and Alexei both had great runs, so I know right away that I wouldn't hold onto the 6th spot. I believe I ended up 9th overall. A bit disheartening, but I've already made some improvements from last year. Plus, there's always next year!

Orienteering race (Sprint) 15:25 [5] *** 3.15 km (4:54 / km) +33m 4:39 / km
spiked:21/21c shoes: VJ Integrator

WCOC Sprint A-Meet and Finals - Cranbury Park, Norwalk, CT.
Sprint C (Variation 6): 3.15k, 33m, 21c. with map exchange after 16 (1:4000, 1.5m)
Course Setter: Joe Brautigam
High 70s, overcast, and humid.

I ate and drank some more, still trying to stay loose. The rain had stopped by now. Watching the Finals races got me excited again. Joe designed a nice course with great spectating throughout. PG's commentating was icing on the cake. I got in a brief warmup just before the fundraiser sprint. It's an exhilarating sensation to be standing at the mass start line waiting for the signal! I decided to go easy out of the chute to take a good look at the map, so that I'd know which way to turn immediately after punching #1. I had the southern loop first. There was a small pack of 5-6 running together, including Greg Balter, Nate Lyons, and myself. (It's interesting that we'd end up all finishing in the top 5-6 later!) I think we were first to come back to the spectator control. The eastern loop was next. This was the easiest of the 3, so I was able to run it in a fast pace. Nate and I were together up front the whole time, until he tripped and fell just before #10. He was fine and got up quickly. I never once looked back, so I didn?t know how many, if any, were with us at this point. The third loop was to the north. I continued at a high speed with Nate in hot pursuit. We punched #14 together. Then he went right around the building while I took the left route. I got there maybe a second faster, but nothing more. We were still 1st and 2nd at the map exchange. The last loop had two long legs, offering more route choices and also chances to screw up. Nate took the lead out of #17. We both went around to the right for the trail, but we split up as soon as we got on the trail. He went left at the junction by #4. I went right and followed S all the way around to #18. Before I got there though, I saw a pack of runners (Greg, Maricel, and Alexei) darting across the trail in front of me. Nate was just slightly behind at this point. They must've taken a much better route from #17. I caught up to them and we all got to #18 together. Luckily, I punched first and got out of there quickly. I started heading up the trail N. The others ran on the trail briefly, then cut into the woods for a more direct route. It was then that I made up my mind to take the trail N all the way to the parking lot, then turn E on the trail to #19. This was the simplest route, with minimal navigation required. I decided I was too tired to think on the run, so I'd just run the trail as hard as I could, hoping for the best. Long and behold, I got to the area S of #19, looked to my right, and there were the guys still making their way thru the woods! I hesitated a bit as the control was obscured by the vegetation. But once I found it, I blasted up the field to the last 2 controls. I heard John F. and others cheering, yelling something. I know someone?s right on my heels, just don't know whom. As I punched #21, I finally saw my pursuer (Maricel), and noted that I had a few seconds of precious breathing room. The run down to the finish was probably the most intense I've felt in an O-race. It was bittersweet to claim a small victory after missing out on the Finals. A great way to end the day!

Stretching warm up/down 10:00 [1]

Friday Sep 21, 2007 #

(rest day)

Was planning on doing the Sharon Woods sprints from '05 before meeting cedarcreek and hitting the road this morning, but body wasn't up for it. I probably haven't given it proper rest from last weekend. Since we have a long drive ahead, I decided to bag the run and call this a rest day.

Thursday Sep 20, 2007 #

Orienteering 51:31 [3]
shoes: Icebug MR BUGrip

High 80s, clear - Sprint training at McFarlan. Re-ran cedarcreek's training courses from last year in reverse. Some slight mistakes, at the same controls again. Will definitely need to concentrate better this weekend. The woods aren't bad, extremely dry, and I was covered with burs from the waist down!
*time includes trail run to and from the car.

Orienteering 26:34 [3]
shoes: Icebug MR BUGrip

Sprint training at Burnet. Re-ran the Pig sprint in reverse. Legs were pretty tired, so did this at a slow to moderate pace only. Again had a couple minor mistakes.

Running warm up/down (Track) 12:38 [1] 1.0 mi (12:38 / mi)
shoes: Asics Gel Cumulus VII

Went over to the UC track where the group was doing speedwork. They were just about finished, so I waited a bit and had a cool down jog with everyone.

Stretching warm up/down 5:00 [1]

Wednesday Sep 19, 2007 #

Orienteering 29:30 [3]
shoes: Icebug MR BUGrip

Mid 80s, clear - Easy practice at French using some of the controls from the June sprint. Concentration was better today, though my familiarity with the park made things quite easy. Had to abort earlier than planned due to darkness (~8pm). Will have to remember to bring my headlamp next time.

Cycling (Stationary) 45:00 [2] 16.2 mi (21.6 mph)
ahr:138 max:158 weight:56.9kg

Level 12, Sport Training, 434c.

Stretching warm up/down 5:00 [1]

Tuesday Sep 18, 2007 #

Running (Road) 33:44 [2] 4.26 mi (7:55 / mi)
ahr:146 max:176 shoes: Pearl iZumi Float

High 80s, clear - Group run out-n-back from Spot to Celestial. On the way back, I picked up Dave, Stephen, Craig, and Mike, who were doing a tempo run. We did a loop around the Playhouse and Mirror Lake before heading back to the Spot. Legs felt kinda tired still. I may have to limit my amount running the next few days to let them recover a bit.

Running tempo (Road) 24:49 [3] 3.66 mi (6:47 / mi)
ahr:167 max:179 shoes: Pearl iZumi Float

Tempo portion of the run. Pretty clear sign my legs aren't up to snuff. HR was there but the pace wasn't. It's much warmer than Saturday though.

Stretching warm up/down 5:00 [1]


Monday Sep 17, 2007 #

(rest day)

Scheduled rest day. Legs feeling better. L-ankle is slightly sore but not swollen.

Sunday Sep 16, 2007 #


MVOC Harvest-O - Englewood

Orienteering (C-Meet) 1:36:59 [2] *** 9.43 km (10:17 / km) +132m 9:37 / km
ahr:137 max:164 spiked:6/12c shoes: VJ Integrator

MVOC Harvest O - Englewood Metropark, Dayton, Ohio.
Red Course: 5.8k, 102m, 12c. (1:12,500, 6m)
Course Setter: Matt Bond
67F, sunny, and clear.

Legs are pretty achy from yesterday's effort, so doing the Cuyahoga Goat is out of the question. Besides, Dayton is a much shorter drive than Cleveland. This makes 3 days in a roll I've made the trek to Dayton though (waaay too much driving). The plan was to take it easy and just get in some map training. Take it easy I did, other than that the outing was mostly a disaster.

Having never been to Englewood before, I was expecting to see the more typical SW Ohio spur & gully terrain. As it turned out this was rather flat (less than 2% climb!). There were probably enough features on the map, but I wasn't spotting them nor using them smartly. The forest was a bit thick (even in the white areas), causing me to run by controls many times throughout. In addition, I was badly distracted by stinging nettles (or some other similar plant) while running. The itching/stinging sensation got to me and zapped my concentration completely.

I overhsot #1, wandered around #2 for eternity and yet never found the control, messed up my route to #3, ran right by #5, and managed to go pass #11 thrice before actually seeing the flag! It's as if I've never even orienteered before. Physically I wasn't able to run fast, but mentally I should've been more prepared. This doesn't bode well for the Sprint Finals coming up.

Edit: As a side note, I'm not sure what to think about this 1:12500 map scale. It's just weird. I never got a feel for it, and repeatedly messing up with my distance judgement during the run.

Orienteering (Control Pickup) 36:42 [1] ** 3.26 km (11:15 / km) +30m 10:46 / km
ahr:126 max:152 spiked:9/9c shoes: VJ Integrator

Helped with control pickup afterwards. Did it in a slow jog until the last one, where I stepped awkwardly into a pit and twisted my L-ankle slightly. Fast walk back to the car from there.

Stretching warm up/down 2:00 [1]

A bit of half-hearted stretching. Hamstrings and legs in general are a bit tight and sore today.

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