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Training Log Archive: BorisGr

In the 7 days ending Aug 24, 2018:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering6 5:17:33 12.37 19.916 /59c27%
  Hiking1 5:00:00
  Total7 10:17:33 12.37 19.916 /59c27%
  [1-5]6 5:17:33

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Friday Aug 24, 2018 #

Orienteering race 29:26 [4] 4.5 km (6:32 / km)

COC Middle Distance - M35

A technical middle distance race with a ton of controls in terrain with negative contours and low visibility? Yes please!

This was easily my favorite day and best run of the whole week, if not the entire year. I hesitated a bit on 1, but still hit it well, and then just got into a good rhythm with both speed and navigation. It was that elusive 'flow' feeling, where you are focusing on the navigation and not worrying about the running because the running just takes care of itself.

This race really brought back memories of being in shape and feeling strong and confident. I wonder if that will ever come back...

I finished with a big smile on my face and knew that it had been a good performance. Seven split wins, no split placing worse than 8th, less than 2 minutes outside superman's time.

Obviously, this is all a long way away from being competitive in M21, but a glimmer of hope was provided here. Of course, this was way too much for my back, and I went into injured mode almost immediately after this race...

Thursday Aug 23, 2018 #

Orienteering 2:02:27 [3]

COC Long, M35

Started out ok for the first two controls, but then slowly went off the rails both technically and physically. Was moving too slowly in the tough, soft moss underfoot and kept underrunning things. Then, on the way to 4, was way off on a bearing and couldn't relocate for ages, losing 8 minutes. Continued slogging for a few controls - still trying to do my best, but just not moving well or hitting my spots. Got caught and passed by ShadowCaster on the way to 9 and decided to at least try to keep him in sight on the long legs around the lakes. Did ok here and managed to pick up the pace and even have a streak of good splits towards the end of the course.

I finished as 3rd North American, but only 11th on the course, miles behind the top M20s.


Wednesday Aug 22, 2018 #

Hiking 5:00:00 [0]

Hiking on the off-day between NAOC and COC. Martin, Alli, Inara, and I hiked partway up Mt.Lorne outside of Whitehorse while Will and Ian ran a circuit around the top of the mountain. It was a wonderful hike with some steep climbs closer to the top. We were grateful to Martin for doing the bulk of the carrying of Inara. Some awesome views from the top, including of the tiny dots of Will and Ian making their away across the ridge.

Towards the end of the hike Inara did some walking. At one point she was walking in front and paused and said "Big Puppy!" When you are in the Canadian wilderness and hear "big puppy", that conjures all sorts of terrifying images, but luckily it was a false alarm...

Tuesday Aug 21, 2018 #

Orienteering race 14:40 [5] *** 2.6 km (5:38 / km)

NAOC Sprint - M35

A fun sprint, mixing the touristy part of Carcross with the sandy forest just outside. As many have already mentioned, the map printing was hard to read in the beginning of the course, as the circles were printed faintly to begin with and then also cut in many places. I had to stop many times in the beginning to figure out where the next control was on my map. Still, not much damage done on the early legs, but not a whole lot of speed either. I lost some time on 9 when I couldn't find the right railroad crossing spot, and also on the long leg to 11, when I should have taken a route with more trail running, but I was otherwise satisfied with my technical performance. I was pleasantly surprised to be the top North American, and only 19 seconds behind Brian May's best time on the course.

Interesting side note: control 3 was mapped as being on the bottom side of an uncrossable wall, but it was physically possible to reach and punch it from above, through the uncrossable wall. Looking at the splits, it's pretty clear who punched through the uncrossable wall and who went around: everyone who went around shows up as having made a mistake. I don't think anyone on our course was DQ'd for the illegal punch...

Splits here:

Also, really cool to see Tori Borish win the sprint and help clinch the BK Cup for Team USA! Really awesome and inspiring team performance from our seniors and juniors this week.

Monday Aug 20, 2018 #

Orienteering 18:21 [5] ***

NAOC Club Relay

I ran for a QOC relay team in the "Advanced" category. The lineup was Alli - Vido- Boris. There were a lot of teams entered, but I thought that with a good performance we could fight for a top three position. Alli did her job perfectly, and exchanged just over 5 minutes behind the overall lead, and only 4 behind the NAOC club lead, in 17th. Vido was solid, and sent me out in 14th overall / 10th NAOC, still about 4 minutes behind NAOC club lead. I started fast and reeled in several people right away. And then, coming out of 1, I lost focus, crossed the wrong trail and completely lost it. Ended up losing over 3 minutes and our chances at a top result. We ended up 11th overall and the 7th NAOC club team. Relays are so much fun, I wish we had more of them!

It was then time to spectate the NAOC National Team Relay. Also really fun, though less of a relay feel with so few teams entered.

Sunday Aug 19, 2018 #

Orienteering 39:14 [4] *** 3.9 km (10:04 / km)

NAOC Middle Distance - M35

After spending most of the morning announcing at the beautiful arena overlooking Lewes Lake and the mountains behind it, I headed out for my late start, looking forward to a technical middle distance.

I got just that - the course was such that you had to be focused every step of the way. Route choice also played a bigger role than in typical middle distance races, as the big open hillsides surrounding the thicker woods and depressions were often faster than going straight. I started off well and caught and passed Jon Campbell early on. I made two sizable mistakes - about 1:20 on #9 where I drifted left and relocated off one of the big yellow hills, and then about 1:00 on #13, where a parallel error led me up the wrong reentrant. I lost another 30 seconds on route choice to #16 - I should have used trails more instead of basing through the woods in the beginning of the leg.

Still, a very good race for me overall. I won M35 by nearly minutes, and was only beaten by the speedy German junior Riccardo.

It was nice to step into the beautiful cold lake afterwards, to wash off a bit of the arena dust.

Saturday Aug 18, 2018 #

Orienteering race 1:33:25 [3] *** 8.9 km (10:30 / km)

NAOC Long Distance - M35

On the way to the arena we saw a small black bear! It was super cute, but I think it disappeared into the woods before Inara could understand what was going on.

Jeff T and I set up the announcing 'booth' with major help from Erik and Valerie and got some announcing going. It was fun, as usual, but this was probably the least accessible arena of the whole week. The whole finish chute was in the woods, away from spectators, and our speakers barely reached the crowd. Still, good to get started with some commentary and interviews. I clearly enjoy doing this stuff.

Once my shift was up, I went off to the start. I started ok, hitting most of the early controls and catching and passing Annika Bjork at 1. My speed wasn't great, but I was orienteering ok. Lost some time - maybe a minute each - on 6 and 7, but still went through the arena in good shape, 3rd on the course. The going was tough, and it felt like I had to fight for every step even in the white woods, as there was a lot of deadfall, and the ground cover was soft.

Disaster struck on the way to 13 after the arena passage. I normally do well in negative terrain, going along counting depressions, but this time i stopped short and then was totally unable to relocate. I ended up bailing way back out to the road and attacking very slowly and still stopped short. I finally convinced myself that I was short and kept going, getting to the control at the same time as Annika. I was clean but slow the rest of the way and ended up 4th in M35 (3rd North American) but only 14th on the course.

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