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Training Log Archive: Ari-o

In the 7 days ending Apr 22, 2018:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Ski1 3:31:42 26.29(8:03) 42.31(5:00) 956
  Run1 3:02:17 26.2(6:57) 42.17(4:19) 280
  Bicycle1 1:31:10 20.6(4:26) 33.15(2:45) 168
  Orienteering1 17:11 2.1(8:11) 3.38(5:05) 10
  Total4 8:22:20 75.19(6:41) 121.01(4:09) 1414

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Sunday Apr 22, 2018 #

8 AM

Ski 3:31:42 [1] 26.29 mi (8:03 / mi) +956m 7:14 / mi

It's April 22. It's a week after the marathon. There's still skiing. The word was to ski Prospect early, so I picked up Alex at 5:45 for the drive out and we were skiing before 8:30.

Rather than fussing with wax/klister, we just skated, not wanting to waste the good snow. They were finishing up grooming and the skiing was superb. Mid-winter conditions, full coverage except for a bit up the mountain, and deep, deep snow. The first hour was otherworldly. We skied around and around, with Alex's knee bothering her a bit, and then on to the beaver pond where several laps were so much fun. All smiles.

Then back on to the trails and up the mountain, which was still quite good, although coming down was a bit death cookie-y until we found our way to turn on the sides of the trail. Back around to the beaver pond, with me thinking I'd be good with 16 or 17 miles, not the marathon I'd hoped, but it was getting slow fast.

We got to the ungroomed portion of the Mountain Trail and I decided to follow another guy up (he quickly turned back, it turns out) while Alex didn't want to torture her knee too much more. Once over the mountain and back in I was at 21 miles, and starving, but I wasn't stopping at 21 miles. I ate a sandwich and skied 5.2 miles further, ready to call it a day. I decided it wasn't worth switching to AT gear to slide down in slush; it wasn't corny but slow slush. I'll save that for next weekend, maybe.

April 22. The guy at the shop said "who else is grooming with a big machine?" I said: well, some folks out west (Bachelor, definitely), probably someone up in the UP, maybe the Birkie Trail? But that's about it. They should groom tomorrow. Most likely, this is the last nordic ski of the season. It wasn't too shabby!

Friday Apr 20, 2018 #

5 PM

Bicycle 1:31:10 [1] 20.6 mi (4:26 / mi) +168m 4:19 / mi

Bike ride out to Winchester and Lexington. Hit all the lights, biked with a commuter up MVP taking pulls which was nice (it was windy, all week would have been a tailwind after the marathon), then up the hills, around to the bike path, and on to the bike path. Now with the wind held down some faster times in to Arlington.

In to the Stroller Slalom, a woman was walking her small dog ahead of me on a retractable lease. I gave warning, went to pass, slowed down, and dog darted right in front of me. I slammed on the brakes and missed it by a couple of feet. I said something and she was incredulous that I'd almost run in front of me. I let her know that it would have been traumatic for me to have hit her dog, and she really should be more careful.

She told me I didn't own the bike path.

I tried to deescalate. I didn't say "that's right, it's a bike path, not let your dog run in front of people path" even though it was the truth. I said "please keep your dog under control so that someone doesn't hit it" and she gave me lip again and I biked away.

But seriously, if you know your dog is going to jump in front of anything that moves, maybe keep the leash shorter when you're on the bike path?

Thursday Apr 19, 2018 #

6 PM

Orienteering 17:11 [1] 2.1 mi (8:11 / mi) +10m 8:04 / mi

Park-O on the last day of DOMS. Running hurt, but at least I could run. Didn't run fast, and within about 3 controls my feet were wet from the Danehy runoff. But on the other hand, I mostly ran cleanly, made some good route choices (although I should have gone below the hill around the track) and have no lasting marathon injuries, yet.

Wednesday Apr 18, 2018 #



But actually, things are going pretty well. Not sick. Not injured, although I won't really know until the DOMS goes down and I can assess whether there is injury masked my it. Hoping to Park-O tomorrow (probably not fast) and ski this weekend.

Yes, ski. Ski!

Monday Apr 16, 2018 #

10 AM

Run race 3:02:17 [3] 26.2 mi (6:57 / mi) +280m 6:44 / mi


Good taper and then … not so good weather. Sunday was raw and snowing with a headwind. Monday was the same weather, except instead of light snow it was torrential downpours. By the way, it's the middle of April. (Tuesday? 45 and dry with a tailwind.)

Downtown, then out to Hopkinton on a not-too-warm bus. I found my way to the charity building (#protip: raise $1000 for a charity and you get a bougie building to hang out in, with plenty of bathrooms, food, drinks, etc) and stayed there until 20 minutes before the start. Bringing throwaway shoes (old shoes with holes in the bottom) was a smart idea, although my feet were still wet by the start. Found my corral, got inside with time to spare, but didn't use the bathroom right at the start (but had 15 minutes before).

Started out without pushing too hard. But under 7 minutes, and was pushing enough to stay warm without pushing my legs. After a couple of miles I spotted a fellow NPer who I met in Chicago last year, and ran for a couple of miles with him, but the urge to go got more and more, so I peeled off to a restroom. Probably a good choice, but I should have gone pre-race. Turns out that when it's pouring rain and your body doesn't sweat, it keeps putting liquid in your bladder. Good to know. Tossed my long sleeve shirt here, too. It was wet and heavy, and I was warm. It really wasn't that cold. The rain and wind were worse. Although I maybe should have worn a thin ibex shirt under the singlet, but that may have gotten wet. The Darn Tough socks repurposed as arm warmers, however, were great.

Rain came in spurts, at times it was light, at times it was downpouring. Feet were soaked the whole way through, but calluses held up. HR mostly low L3, working to stay warm and not go too hard. Lots of cheers through Mile 18 from November Project, and felt pretty good up the hills. Hill miles 7:07-7:27.

Then as usual my legs were pretty well shot on the downhills. I maintained 7s but not faster. I was able to push a bit down Boylston Street but couldn't muster a real kick. Finished in 3:02:17, which probably requals me for next year, but who knows. I think that the BAA should allow anyone who lives in Massachusetts and runs a BQ time in the Boston Marathon to enter without worrying about the cutoff. They already do this for 10-year streakers. It would maybe affect 100 people. As a friend from out-of-state points out: you all pay taxes there!

The only issue with the race was, once again, bag pickup. It wasn't as long a walk, but the lines at the tents were intense. I was the 2000th (or so) finisher, and the lines were already long, with 5000 more in Wave 1 behind me. We were huddled for warmth as the rain poured down, yet 3/4 of the booths (and the volunteers there) were empty and the red bib booths beyond chaotic. I spotted my bag in the pile and yelled to a volunteer "the bag with the yellow backpack" and he grabbed it for me.

I have thoughts about this, but I think that this would be optimized by sorting the bags at first by the last number in a runners' bib. So instead of delivering your bag based on wave, you'd go to the number corresponding with the last number of your bib. They could have signs like "00008" to guide people.

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