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Training Log Archive: Work4justice

In the 1 days ending Aug 21, 2022:

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Sunday Aug 21, 2022 #

Adventure Race 15:00:00 [2]

Wilderness Traverse race recap!

First of all, this is my favo(u)rite of races. The vibe, terrain, ruggedness, paddling, swimming and strategy are all in the mix. And, I was delighted to be invited by the wonderful guys on Great Lakes AR. The team spirit was evident from the start and never relented.

We were prepped for hot swapping on packs, and as the day grew nearer (and warmer!) we were focused on how to use team strengths to tackle the course. It started with a short prologue, a nice ride, then a challenging trek, then longer paddle/portage with a trek toward the end and then a longer bike. We had a plan with time limits and estimates. As I do with any WT, I went in with hopes of full course. :) I guess Bash and Bob just keep wanting me to come back.

Started strong on the prologue and then into the bike. My teammates were strong on the bike, and I lagged on the trails mostly because I didn't want to cut people off, and then I realized, that made no sense, so by the second bike on trails, I was better. We were FLYING on the roads. I looked at my bike computer and saw 34kph. I decided I shouldn't look anymore. I was the whip, and struggled to hang on going uphills. Something to work on! I knew they would be strong on bikes after training with John.

I was very happy with our TA onto TREK. Efficient and on our way! The guys started running--I kept with them thinking "will they ever slow down?" and then I thought just hang in there! I got some cramping which really frustrated me, and started on the non caffeine salt stick. I realized that I had not packed the non caffeinated and was grateful for a teammate having them. Another note for a future race!

After a bit, John started feeling really unwell and nauseated. It was hot, and we were on quite a pace. We pulled back, and Derek pulled us over to the water so we could all refresh. As we were in the last bit to the CP, I suggested John take in a spring wolf energy (they are expensive, but amazing, I am unpaid evangelist for them). Once we got to the CP, he couldn't keep that down, and gosh it just got harder on him. The team rallied with stops, Jay took his pack, swimming with the hope that might help. Trekking the road did help some, but back into the woods it all came back. I felt terrible for him, and wasn't really sure what to do--and should think through about how to better support the team when something like that happens.

We broke out the phone to check in with Bash, and got to the TA. John was out, and god bless Jay he said he would stay with John. I felt bad leaving them behind, and was also thrilled that I got to continue on the course. We quickly shifted some things to get ready to get on the boat (which led to me leaving half my food UGH) and we were off! It was dark and foggy, and picked our way through the islands/bay to get onto the river.

It wasn't long before my singing started and we were on our way. The first portage off the river location was tricky. we had to narrow down from the reservation signs and when we got there, it seemed that there was a climb over steep shield rock. Derek scampered up the rock and I scurried to get ahead of him to lead the way. I was delighted that we got a system going very quickly with the different portages and if I recall we did very well on our time on the paddle once we got sorted. The paddle was hands down my favorite part of the race. Derek was just a beast with that boat.

We got to the ta for the mid paddle trek and saw John and Jay! That was SO GREAT to see them and to see John feeling much better. We hustled on to the trek and quite underestimated how challenging it was. We got a little turned around, assessed options and I got more involved (which I should have done earlier-Derek was doing a lot of work on the nav and sometimes I forget I have a lot to offer!) We got back on line and smooth sailing from there. That last swim I had to grab his pack a few times to keep up!!!

We transitioned to the boat very quickly and went off into the wind for the last 10k. It seemed so close, yet far away! John was there to meet us suited up for the ride in! And, he came with the car. We all know how dangerous that, we rode in comfort back to the TA---I think they knew I was wistful---but didn't challenge the decision--my heart was full.

A++++ teammates, fantastic experience, and already looking forward to 2023!!!!

-Be more aggressive biking when there are many on the trails. IT'S A RACE.
-Observe more what is happening on the team and help fill in the blanks.
-Teammates matter!

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