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Training Log Archive: Billenicus

In the 7 days ending Apr 23:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering4 2:46:22 16.78(9:55) 27.0(6:10)
  Total4 2:46:22 16.78(9:55) 27.0(6:10)

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Monday Apr 22 #

Orienteering race 31:33 [4] 6.0 km (5:16 / km)
shoes: VJ Falcon

JK relay - Minley - 5.4Km 160m
In an M120+ team with RashRouteRicky and Chappers, running 2nd leg (the shorter one).
Again calf very sore beforehand, and it was painful the whole way round. Again affecting terrain and hill speed.
However, feeling a bit better today so able to put a bit more effort in, but still a little bit sub-par.
Minimal time loss, though a few seconds at 16 where I just couldn't see the control initially.
Fun relay - would have really enjoyed it if I hadn't been in such pain! Good news is that the cramps appear to be easing off, but will still have to have a few days off running I think.

Sunday Apr 21 #

Orienteering race 1:05:53 [4] 11.0 km (5:59 / km)
shoes: VJ Falcon

JK Long - Cold Ash - 10.29Km
Not so lucky with the calf this time. Sore all the way round and definitely affecting the speed I was running, particularly in terrain or up more significant hills.
Again felt pretty awful due to heat / jetlag, but not as bad as yesterday. So again just went round steadily and made no attempt to actually race. Pretty easy course, particularly at that speed. Lost a few seconds at 17 standing just above the control and not seeing it behind a tree about 5m away. Lost 5s at 24, a bit too far right. Then about 20s at 27 which was just laziness - couldn't force myself to go up the hill into the control when I needed to.
Calf sore again afterwards.

Frustrating not to be able to race properly. Was surprised by the result, but obviously fitness is not too bad at the moment.

Saturday Apr 20 #

Orienteering race 37:15 [4] 6.0 km (6:13 / km)
shoes: VJ Falcon

JK middle distance - Old Windmill Hill - 5.49Km 160m
Spent a lot of time working on the calf beforehand, including taking some mineral supplements as recommended by Colm. Still hurt before I started but amazingly was pretty much OK while running, though quite sore again as soon as I stopped.
Wasn't really prepared to actually be able to run today, and kept expecting to have to stop, but surprisingly managed to pretty much hold it together. But very, very slow. Think it was a combination of the heat and the usual jetlag issues, but I felt worse at the end of this than I can remember feeling at the end of a race for a long time, and I wasn't even making any attempt to race - just plodding round. Lost 20sec at 19 (didn't see the pit as I ran down the spur) but otherwise clean.
The calf injury appears to be a combination of ongoing cramps having lead to one or more tears.

Friday Apr 19 #

Event: JK 2019


Difficult to watch something I wanted to be running, but calf too sore to contemplate risking it - I'd rather be able to run tomorrow's race.

Thursday Apr 18 #


Calf very sore all day.

Wednesday Apr 17 #

Orienteering 31:41 [3] 4.0 km (7:55 / km)
shoes: VJ Falcon

SYO evening event - Wheata Woods - Green - 3.4Km
A marginal decision as to whether to run as calf still fairly sore all day. Decided to in the end as I really wanted to get on a map before the weekend. The good news - I didn't notice the calf pain quite as much as expected. The bad news - that's because the rest of my left leg was in agony. It pretty much locked up about 100m after the start and I struggled to even walk for the first 3 controls, even having to sit down and stretch for a bit. It felt a bit like cramp and took in most of the lower leg (except the calf). It gradually eased - managed to start running a little between 3 and 4 and gradually sped up over the rest of the course, but never got to full speed and was in pain the whole time.
Not looking good for the weekend!

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