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Training Log Archive: runninghils

In the 7 days ending Jul 20, 2013:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Adventure Race1 12:05:00
  Road Bike3 4:58:51 83.8(16.8/h) 134.86(27.1/h)
  Paddle1 2:05:35 7.75(16:12) 12.47(10:04)
  Strength Training1 1:06:39
  Total6 20:16:05 91.55 147.34

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Saturday Jul 20, 2013 #

4 AM

Adventure Race race (Summer Fury) 12:05:00 [3]

Wow, this was a tough course. Nobody cleared it - not even close. Our team got a bit of a rough start. We apparently didn't scout out the course ahead of time adequately because we ran out from the start in the lead... and took the road when there was a trail that cut distance off. This moved us back to the back third. (not a huge deal) Then, we had to go swim, which I HATE. Swimming sucks and I am terrible at it. I have no interest in practicing either. I swear I was close to the last one out of the water. We quickly started making up time after that. Everyone struggled a bit on CP3, then we had a rough time with CP4. We started making up time on the bikes and were in decent position by the time we got a few CPs in to the canoe leg, which was LONG for a race of this length. Some swamp paddling and then a river leg on a super tight twisty river, which is not where my boat excels. Run back to TA, bike on some roads to the next O-course. We missed the first point and ended up running out to the road to attack the farthest points first. Pretty much nailed those 3 points, but the going was slow due to thick brush. We were running low on time to finish this section, looking for the trail that had 3 points on it. Eventually got them all, but we left with 2:10 left in the race. They let us go get the 2 required single track bike points even though we were past the cut off (lots of teams were in the same boat) Last O-Course, we needed 2 to be official. Thought "no problem" but they were harder than you'd expect - even for the closest "easy" points. Also, we were slowed down because Jim Hafke's calf injury from last month was flaring up and he was hurting pretty badly with nothing we could really do for him. We got the two points, but missed the cutoff by 5 min. Even though the "other half" of our team pretty much sprinted back to the finish, they still missed it by 3 minutes. Bummer. We got the same number of points as MRA, but they were in before the cut off.

Overall thoughts: I felt like I was doing better on the hills and running was feeling better. The team concurred that I did well on the hills. I could have run hard into the finish (maybe not as fast as Mark and Jim, but I had it.) I am definitely moving through the woods better these days - even through the thick stuff. It's a bummer to miss the cut off, and we said we should have known better and made some different decisions earlier in the race, but it's so hard when you're used to clearing the course to make the decision early on to skip optional CPs that are time consuming. I'm just saying "we got this out of the way" and we will do better at Wilderness Traverse.

Wednesday Jul 17, 2013 #

6 PM

Road Bike 1:17:22 [3] 18.9 mi (14.7 mph)

Easy spin to recover for the Fury.

Tuesday Jul 16, 2013 #

Road Bike 1:39:35 [3] 27.1 mi (16.3 mph)

Missed the group - they were riding up over the tridge as I drove up. Guessed their route, and rode it backward, but thought I was wrong because I didn't see them when I had expected. Turned around and ran into Dave a few minutes later (doing the same thing) and we decided to ride back together. He recounted his crash and 2-day hospital stay last week with a concussion (riding again on Saturday!) Wow.
Maybe not as intense as a regular Slaughterfest group ride, but it was super hot and nasty out. Can't wait for this weather to break!
12 PM

Strength Training 1:06:39 [3]

Man, they're killing us with long met-cons lately!
Strength: Deadlift every 2 minutes 5*3*1*1*1

6 rounds for time:
7 Hand stand push-ups (3 boards)
7 thrusters (55)
7 knees to elbows
7 deadlifts
7 burpees
7 kettlebell swings (35 lb)
7 pull ups (jumping)

Shoot, noted my time and then immediately forgot it - maybe 26:39 or so? This was hard. I started feeling like puking on round 6 - probably due to the heat.

Sunday Jul 14, 2013 #

11 AM

Road Bike tempo 2:01:54 [3] 37.8 mi (18.6 mph)

Actually convinced 2 people to come out and do a heat of the day Tempo ride with me! Yay! Did the Sanford Lake loop because it actually has some hills (small ones, but hills) once you get away from the rail trail. Took a nice warm-up, conversational pace (about 18) for about a half hour. Then, picked it up and pushed it into the 22-23 mph range. This was to go for an hour, but then we hit the wind (and I started running out of energy) so the tempo pace dropped to about 20-21. With 20 minutes of fast riding left, Dean got a flat so we stopped to fix that. It was so hot that as we stood there, our HRs stayed around 100. I could have used a 3rd (cold) bottle of water. It was a bit hard to get going again, so I added a couple minutes to the tempo time. Rode in the rest of the way at a relaxed pace - 18ish.
3 PM

Paddle intervals (Kayak) 2:05:35 [3] 7.75 mi (16:12 / mi)

After that ride, I was tired and beat feeling, so I went to Pizza Sam's and sat down by myself (in the AC!) to a salad and multiple glasses of unsweetened iced tea.
Took a bit longer to get the lead out of my arms today, but about 25 minutes in, things were going smoother.
10 minutes steady, 3 minutes hard - did 9 rounds of this. Ended up being a good paddle even though my overall energy level was rather low.

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