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Training Log Archive: Kestrel-O

In the 7 days ending Sep 7, 2014:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Foot-O2 2:25:36 6.34(22:58) 10.2(14:16)
  hiking1 2:20:00 4.4(31:49) 7.08(19:46) 700
  biking2 1:00:00 9.0(6:40) 14.48(4:09) 290
  Road biking1 59:00 11.5(5:08) 18.51(3:11) 180
  Kayak1 48:24
  Running1 46:00 4.97(9:15) 8.0(5:45)
  walking1 25:00 1.5(16:40) 2.41(10:21) 110
  Total8 8:44:00 37.71 60.69 1280
  [1-5]7 7:54:00

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Sunday Sep 7, 2014 #

Foot-O race (Pawtuckaway) 1:19:10 [3] 5.1 km (15:31 / km)

Finally I get around to writing up my Sunday race. 1-2 ran out to road then up stream valley, got on the wrong line of little hills, father from the stream but after a while of looking around I finally found it. 2-3 ran out to road, then up stone wall to pond, used compass. 3-4 used compass to get to trail, then trail to near big cliff, then a bit circuitous way before going down ridge, then found nice place to cross stream before running up to trail. Ran trail to stream crossing, then compass aim off to stone wall, went to corner, then compass to control. 4-5: Compass to Mt. trail, then stone wall light green and little hill, compass to the trail not on map (I drew it in) then feature to control. 5-6: Back out to trail, ran that to slight corner, then compass and feature to control. 6-7 ran out to new trail then that to one previously on map, not the best route choice when I look back over it, the ran that trail to hill with clearing on top, then compass to control. 7-8 Compass with a bit of feature to get to control. 8-9 ran out to trail, ran trail to road, road to twin boulders and then just went in. 9-F ran out to road then that into parking lot, then up the trail to finish.

Saturday Sep 6, 2014 #


Will post race recap once results are up. Also did not do Vamp-O as I was very tired from the day and my dad did not want to do it because of memories of previous times when he got injured.

Foot-O race 1:06:26 [2] 5.1 km (13:02 / km)

Green course is a bit of a step up for me so I was approaching it very carefully using lots of handrails. 1-2: Ran trail. 2-3: Ran trail until after the marsh, then contoured down the side of the hill. 3-4: Compass to stream, then contour nav after Bering to get me going in the right direction. 4-5: Compass to uncrossible marsh, then contour. 5-6: Compass to lake, took a drink, ran to end of trail then compass and detailed terrain reading. 6-7: Compass to get off in right direction, then read the contours. 7-8: Almost went of to the east but luckily looked at compass, then feature nav to control. 8-9: Went south of marsh then just ran to find it. 9-10: Ran back on my tracks to trail then trail to control and then ran straight into woods with out compass. 10-F: Just ran, bounced of lean to then to the finish. Good race especially being second green race on own.
3 PM

Kayak race (Canoe-O) 48:24 [2]

Did Canoe-O at Pawtuckawy by my self while my parents did it in canoe. Got points (in this order) 4, 5, (then I was about to go to 9, 10, and 11 but thought I would not have time so skipped them) then 8, 15, 16, 7, 12, 6, (6 and 12 am not sure of order) 3, 2, 1. Did not do 1 in most time wise (I paddled because I had plenty of time and preferred not to get feet wet). I was wrong about not having enough time to get 9, 10 and 11. But as this is the first Canoe-O I have done by myself I was very cautious. I ended up with 11 controls for 33 points.

Friday Sep 5, 2014 #

walking (Commute) 25:00 [0] 1.5 mi (16:40 / mi) +110m 13:34 / mi

Thursday Sep 4, 2014 #

Road biking 34:00 [1] 8.0 mi (4:15 / mi) +150m 4:01 / mi

Biked the really long way up to school as I was planing to run but my knee was hurting a bit.


Intensity Scale for aerobic activities
0=Breath not raised
1=Breath mostly low but occasional bits of breathing faster.
2=Breath mostly raised but not very high.
3=Breath raised but can still take consistently
4=Breath raised so talking can only be in little spurts
5=Anything higher

Road biking 25:00 [0] 3.5 mi (7:09 / mi) +30m 6:57 / mi

going home

Wednesday Sep 3, 2014 #

biking (commute) 20:00 [1] 3.0 mi (6:40 / mi) +110m 5:59 / mi
(rest day)

Tuesday Sep 2, 2014 #

biking (Commute) 40:00 [1] 6.0 mi (6:40 / mi) +180m 6:06 / mi

Running long (Trail Running ) 46:00 [3] 8.0 km (5:45 / km)

Ran with ski coach during practice mostly on single track with a bit of ski trail. Few sprints thrown in. Did some cool down yoga for 5 min not counted in time.

Monday Sep 1, 2014 #

hiking hills 2:20:00 [1] 4.4 mi (31:49 / mi) +700m 21:18 / mi

Hiked up Mt Hale in NH with my family on way home, 1 hour up and a bit longer down.

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