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Training Log Archive: coady

In the 7 days ending Sep 29, 2012:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering6 7:47:11 33.6(13:54) 54.07(8:38) 131573 /81c90%
  Total6 7:47:11 33.6(13:54) 54.07(8:38) 131573 /81c90%

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Saturday Sep 29, 2012 #

9 AM

Orienteering race (Aus Long Champs) 2:50:00 [4] ***** 18.72 km (9:05 / km) +350m 8:18 / km
(sick) shoes: Inov-8 Oroc 340

M21E 14.5 350m
24th / 27
(mini rogaine)
had a good start, but on the way to 5 I ran out of juice
I struggled to run most of the rest, walk a little in most legs and 2-3 legs walked the whole way, I think my cold had caught up with me, took some Gels but they didn't help much (or they did and I would have been even slower without them)

made 1 navigational error for a few mins to 14, 1 poor route choice to 5, but apart from that it was a clean walk/run.

was determined to finish no matter how slow I was, but was 30 mins slower than I was expecting, I figured I would beat anyone who gave up :)

not sure how i will go tomorrow, I feel like i have no energy ..

1-4 was good - perhaps a little wobble in the circle at 3
4-5 went around, was expecting to be able to have a good run but struggled for speed - no problems navigationally
5-6 slow - walked most
6-7 jogged a bit, caught up woth a W21E which pushed me to try and run
7-8 slow
8-9 ran the down hills :)
9-10 got very bogged down in the creek crossing, tried to miss the green, but ended up crawling over some thin logs to avoid the waist deep bracken with water underneath, was with two others who had similar issues (was kinda fun - but also pretty scary)
11-13 slow and steady
13-14 left knee disappeared in quicksand at the first river/beach crossing - never had that before! Hill was a killer, chose to take the track to the left was it was more interesting than down the ridge past 16, but drifted left and mistook the big pond with the little one next to the control.
14-16 slow - lots of walking
16-17 ran the track, but when I jumped off had nothing, had to walk from there
17-19 I think I walked about 90% of these legs tried to go straight though.
19+ alternate between jogging and running, overtaken by a few people
26-27 tried to cross the creek at the small cliff, looking at the GPS was way off .. this explains why it did seem to take a while to get to 27, was looking for the downhill past the control as catching feature.

spent the rest of the day in bed .. watched the swannies in the GF
cold had developed into upper respiratory tract infection, was getting worse each morning

Friday Sep 28, 2012 #

10 AM

Orienteering race (Aus Sprint Champs) 21:32 [5] ***** 4.0 km (5:23 / km) +50m 5:04 / km
spiked:21/24c shoes: Inov-8 Mudclaw 333

M21E 3.4k 90m
23rd / 36

lost 30 secs on the first control - overran it - not adjusted to scale!!
saw Ian coming back to 1 (started 1 min before me) was determined to stay ahead of him as long as possible
may have lost a little on 2 by going high?!
3 and 4 were good
went around to 5 possibly lost a little
lost a few seconds at 8 going N from the control to 9, Ian overtook me while I did this.
10-13 slow on rocks, Ian was a little faster, lost him at 13
wobble at 18
sprained ankle on the way to 20.. was ok after about 1-2 minutes of hobbling
wobble at 22

ran hard for the first 2/3 .. had to slow for the last 1/3 was careful on very difficult terrain (wet rocks)

was about 20 secs slower than my goal (based on 1/3 more than winners time)

Wednesday Sep 26, 2012 #

1 PM

Orienteering race (Royal Score) 44:30 [3] *** 6.78 km (6:34 / km) +155m 5:53 / km
ahr:170 max:188 spiked:17/17c shoes: Inov-8 Mudclaw 333

Score event, 4th with 750 pts
[EDIT: the first control i visited didn't register, so i should have had 770 points and 3rd :(]
almost didn't go out for a run, as was feeling pretty crappy,
wanted to see how i felt and take it easy if my legs were still in St Helens.

decided to skip the hills for the first control, #1 there were 2-3 people in front of me that went that way and i don't like to follow, #2 I didn't want to struggle up a (small) hill to start the run, I think this was a good idea as i was able to do an easy running pace in the first 10 mins.
hit an easy control 103 first, had to wake it up then followed a stream of people 108,92,88,82,84,85,100,102
decided to breakaway and go down to 101 and was able to run to the last control alone, walked up some hills but felt much better than yesterday.
101,97,109,118,115,104,105, had time for 117 then decided that was all, had 30 seconds to spare so was well timed.

only navigational error was a 5-10 second hesitation on 115, may have had time to pick up more points if i grabbed 104 and 105 on my way out but was very happy with the end result.

Tuesday Sep 25, 2012 #


My mum did an Easy course, 60 mins for 2.8k, but there were 3 controls which were through the bush with no handrails .. I was surprised by the difficulty, and she liked the challenge, perhaps she may try a moderate soon!
1 PM

Orienteering race (The Right Royal Runaround) 59:19 [4] *** 7.96 km (7:27 / km) +260m 6:24 / km
ahr:161 max:179 spiked:11/16c

Schools champs - Mens Hard 1 - 6.6k - 215m

made a few small errors, but had trouble running, I think the cold I have had since Wed last week has caught up with me - or I have not recovered from Sundays run ... or both?!?

Felt like I was running fine for a few minutes then had nothing for the next few minutes, and not much for the hills. was hoping of sub 60 minutes since there was a 40 min winning time for the Schools champs, so am happy to have battled under that time.

am hoping for a strong sprint on Friday, I don't think i'll be very competitive in the aus champs for 14.5k and 350 climb!

Sunday Sep 23, 2012 #

9 AM

Orienteering race (Tas Long Champs) 2:06:50 [5] **** 14.61 km (8:41 / km) +440m 7:33 / km
ahr:168 max:183 spiked:24/24c shoes: Inov-8 Oroc 340

M21E 13.0km 17th of 20
the good:
had a pretty much error free run, kept map contact through difficult bits, made decent routechoices for most legs - lots of direct routes.

I usually go out probably too slow for longer runs (long average HR 150, while mid average HR 170) wanted to push it a little harder to see how I could go, I felt good for 5-10 mins then felt like i struggled for the next 5-10, this went on for most of the race.

met Dion McKenzie at about 13 (he started 2 mins before me) we kept swapping positions almost every control to the finish, he was running a little faster than me, but made a few minor errors and I made some slightly better routechoices which kept us together,

got a new compass (thanks Rob) which i was much more comfortable with, got a new SI stick which flashes when you punch, unfortunatly when i finished 2 controls failed to register, fortunatly Dion could vouch for me. I punched #20 and my SI unit flashed but there was no beep, Dion punched just after me and on his 3rd attempt I heard the beep, I paused and suggested i punch my map, but Dion said he saw my SI stick flash so I ran on... I am very thankful they overturned the MP.

the bad:
small blister on left heel at about 2/3 or race (on top of other two)tried blister pads + tape, these were just pushed down to make room for he new blister.
left shoelace came undone twice .. should have taped :(
came second last (+ 2 mispunches)
hills .. struggeld up them !!!
sleep .. didn't get too much sleep last night..

overall I would have to say it was my best long event run, pretty much error free, but also made some good / tough routechoices and executed them well, would have loved to be higher on the finishing list, I guess I need to work on fitness and speed for that.

12 PM

Orienteering warm up/down (warm down, easy course) 45:00 [1] 2.0 km (22:30 / km) +60m 19:34 / km
shoes: Asics Gel - Trabuco 13

followed mum on a easy course - she went well except for a river crossing .. tried to step on a rock and ended up waist deep in water .. one of those "I wish I had a camera" moments.

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