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Training Log Archive: HWW

In the 7 days ending Jan 27, 2013:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Road running4 3:33:31 30.42(7:01) 48.96(4:22)
  Trail/off road running2 1:54:53 13.94(8:14) 22.44(5:07) 244
  Cross country1 1:32:21 10.62(8:42) 17.09(5:24)
  Linear orienteering1 1:17:03 8.51(9:03) 13.7(5:37) 54916 /31c51%
  Total8 8:17:48 63.5(7:50) 102.19(4:52) 79316 /31c51%

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Sunday Jan 27, 2013 #

12 PM

Linear orienteering race 1:17:03 [5] *** 13.7 km (5:37 / km) +549m 4:41 / km
spiked:16/31c shoes: inov8 Mudclaw 300

BKO Concorde Chase Level B event, Barossa: 11.8km, 31 controls, 355m climb
What a difference a working compass makes!! I'm still not entirely sure whether my previous thumpass is or ever was screwed (it appeared to be working fine at home). Having bought a new thumpass earlier in the week, however, I could at least have the confidence to trust that I could use the thing.
It also helped to run on an area where, broadly speaking, white means white, and where pretty much all obvious clumps of dark green are marked as such. I was a little hesitant to begin with, losing time on 1 and 3 before ballsing up near the start of 8 by running along the wrong path. I imagine that a number of my route choices could have been improved, using more straight lines than paths so much. However, I was moving well, despite the miles in my legs from the last week, and was generally clearly picking out contour detail (ok, so there wasn't too much and I guess what there was was fairly obvious, but for me this is good).

Saturday Jan 26, 2013 #

9 AM

Trail/off road running (Warm up) 23:22 [2] 5.15 km (4:32 / km)
shoes: inov8 Mudclaw 300

Warm up jog through the forest from Leytonstone to Highams Park. Marginally less muddy than usual due to the snow.

Trail/off road running warm up/down (Warm up) 5:09 [2] 1.03 km (5:00 / km)
shoes: inov8 Mudclaw 300

Additional warm up lap round the park

Trail/off road running intervals 53:39 [5] 11.43 km (4:42 / km) +244m 4:14 / km
shoes: inov8 Mudclaw 300

Highams Park intervals: 2 x (6 mins effort, 2 mins recovery, 3 x (4 mins eff, 2 mins rec))
1.65km (06:00)
1.11km (04:02)
1.12km (04:03)
1.12km (04:03)
1.65km (06:07)
1.12km (04:02)
1.11km (04:03)
1.79km (07:42)????? Damn, must have forgotten to stop my watch in time.
Trying to not fall too far behind Bertie but generally failed. The kind of session I really need.
10 AM

Trail/off road running warm up/down (Warm down) 32:43 [2] 4.83 km (6:46 / km)
shoes: inov8 Mudclaw 300

Warm down jog back through the forest to Leytonstone.
2 PM

Cross country long 1:32:21 [3] 17.09 km (5:24 / km)
shoes: inov8 Mudclaw 300

Not the South of England Cross Country Championships
To make up for the lack of an (inexplicably cancelled) Southern Champs at Parliament Hill today, I joined a number of Serpies for a run round the Heath. We broadly attempted to follow the route of the Southern Championships course when its held at Parliament Hill, although I'm pretty sure we were on route little more than 50% of the time. Still a reasonable amount of ice and snow but lots of standing water due to the thaw.

Friday Jan 25, 2013 #

8 AM

Road running (Commute) 53:51 [3] 12.47 km (4:19 / km)
shoes: Mizuno Wave Universe

The new usual.

Thursday Jan 24, 2013 #

8 AM

Road running (Commute) 51:09 [3] 11.92 km (4:17 / km)
shoes: Mizuno Wave Universe

Decided to inject some variety in to the run in to work by going via Leyton, New Spitalfields and Victoria Park before continuing due west along Bethnal Green Road to Shoreditch and then south down Bishopsgate.

Wednesday Jan 23, 2013 #

(rest day)

Decided to have a rest day / slack off running in. Cab home from work at 23:40 the night before to be met by a bunch of ironing to be done meant I didn't get to sleep until 01:30 - not quite enough sleep before running in, me thinks (or I'll fall asleep at work). I'll run in tomorrow and Friday to make up for it and so should still get almost 32 miles in during the weekdays, before hopefully another 20 or so over the weekend.

Tuesday Jan 22, 2013 #

8 AM

Road running (Commute) 52:18 [3] 12.42 km (4:13 / km)
shoes: Mizuno Wave Universe

Pretty much the usual, but with the nuuu shuus effect! Not a pb but still felt a lot faster than the past few efforts, running in the lightest pair of road racing flats I've ever experienced.

Monday Jan 21, 2013 #

8 AM

Road running (Commute) 56:13 [3] 12.15 km (4:38 / km)
shoes: inov8 Mudclaw 300

The usual, but in fell shoes due to the snow. V slow - how much due to the snow / slush, how much due to leg tireness / not trying hard enough?

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