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L Lower Leg, Shin Splints

2009-01-19 – 2009-02-02

Grade: 3

NOT Shin Splints..but tibial fasciitis/anterior tib tendonitis with crepitus.

pain is most severe upon dorsiflexion with resistance.

running is impossible, not even 20 seconds.
cycling is probably irritating it, so i have cut mileage/time in half and only on the trainer at an easy pace.

ibuprofin 800mg TID from sunday to thurs did not help. initiated Voltaren BID on friday. friday morning pain was noticably ameliorated but still present througout the day.

taking a 'rest' week next week, good timing with business travel to delaware.

RICE, plus put on the aircast boot.

Next time I get any sign of crepitus, I shut it down right then and there, RICE, and put on the boot (or wrist brace if from paddling/lifting etc).