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Lower Leg, Achilles Tendonitis

2017-11-15 – 2018-12-15

Grade: 1

The back of the heel is tender and I get bump pains if touched the wrong way. Should do eccentric heel stretches and tempo calves. Retrocalcaneal bursitis can sometimes be mistaken for Achilles tendonitis, because of the location of the bursa on the heel. A painful lump can often be a distinguishing characteristic. This problem hasn't gone away. Start date of 11/15/2017 is not real; been much longer.
May 8, 2018 - Right achilles & back of heel ache after every run now. Using Voltaren again and only do heel stretches at Dog Days and not the tempo calves and heel drops as often as I should. Still OK when I run.
June 27 - podiatrist (Dr. Pilakowski) says it's OK to run, just ice afterwards; take Tylenol as needed for pain. Got a boot to stretch the achilles for 20 min daily.

Use of stretch boot worked.