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R Lower Leg, Achilles Tendonitis

2015-05-04 – 2016-02-21

Grade: 2

After getting over the calf strain problems, may have overdone the eccentric calf stretches. Soreness in the back of the right heel and achilles tendon. Trying to do more cycling and slowly get back to running.

Met with Dr Salazar (Aug 27), diagnosed as retrocalcaneal bursitis - rest for 3 weeks (no running).

Dec 9, 2015 - spent 3 hrs at Rock Haven. That overdid it and I got aches in the right achilles tendons negating any of the rehab and PT work the last 4 weeks. Back to no running.

Feb 18, 16 - last appt with Rob Jones. Continue to do achilles tendon stretches along with glute exercises (w/band) & dynamic stretches before any run. Be cautious and gradually build up training distances and efforts. If in doubt, back off.