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L Lower Leg, Calf Strain

2006-03-26 – 2006-04-24

Grade: 3

3/26 bummer - was supposed to race 13 miles, ended up easy run with an injury.

3/31 Certainly have been pushing the edge on longer distances in training. Also, not taking in enough fluids. Had cramps in feet the previous two days. A lot of coffee. And Dog Days workouts mean climbing stairs in the fieldhouse. Lay off for a week and see what happens Apr 1 (easy run to take pictures of 10 mile race in Topeka). Couple of ultrasound treatments this week, plus icing (ice cups).

4/5 - tried 3 x 2 mile intervals; after 2 sets calf muscle said, "no more, fool!" Didn't want to make it any worse, so allowing 10 days to recover wasn't enough. 3 weeks is recommended for milder strains - so I'm trying to rush it again. Time to get out of running shoes and back to biking shoes.

4/15 - not yet a chronic muscle injury, but being cautious, will bike a few more days before running again.

4/20 - had a short article on plantar fasciitis. Tight calf muscles increase the chances for PF. My left heel is getting sore again. Suggestion: stretch calves several times a day (60 sec at a time)

* dehydration
* overdoing marathon training; not fully recovering from tempo runs should have been a hint. Local runner Marla Rhoden ran the 43 mile Brew-to-Brew Relay solo; then raced a 10 miler the next weekend - then it finally hit me that you can not cheat on the slow build up in miles. This explains the cramping up at all previous Possum Trots - I was never in marathon shape!
* tight calf muscles can lead to plantar fasciitis, so I've learned. After strraining the left calf, heel was sore as well. Resolution: do the stretching (which I haven't yet done today)!
* resume marathon training with a 28-week beginner's schedule and enjoy the half marathons and bike rides. Don't press to race 26 miles until this fall.