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R Knee, Iliotibial Band Syndrome

2013-08-06 – ?

Grade: 2

Jealous of the attention my left knee has been getting for the last 83 days, my right knee has decided to start causing problems. Similar story as the left- slight lateral discomfort during run in Battersea Park Race but not enough to make me stop (my left knee and left hip were worse at the time). Gradually got more severe over the walk home to point where walking was a real struggle.

What's puzzling is that this comes off the back of very little running (a total of 2 hrs over the last 5 weeks) as I have been resting the left knee. Also, I have been rolling the right ITB with my budget foam roller (rolling pin + bath towel) to prevent this from happening and continue to take ibuprofen.

It would probably be best to see my GP in case there is an underlying cause that can be remedied.