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Hip/Pelvis, Other

2012-08-01 – 2014-07-28

Grade: 1

lower abdominal strain - no running for 1 week after doctor's exam (8/27/12)

Maybe it's osteitis pubis - 9/5/12 - biking seems to not bother groin area. started pelvic thrust and pillow squeeze exercises. No severe pains, but doubt it would be good to run 26 miles.

10/2/12 - confirmed it's osteitis pubis with LMH PT.
Any exercises that move the legs laterally are a no-no. Jones dynamic warmup drills - leg swings forward/backward - OK. Swinging side to side, no. No side lunges, no dogs. When starting running again, no long strides. NSAIDs - taken daily, If walking, do not do exaggerated race walk stride. Recovery may be 4-6 months.

5/8/13 - started doing some exercises - pelvic thrust, pillow squeeze with knees and hip raises to work on adductors and see if that might not help speed up the recovery. Still cautious about running. Continuing to do more bicycling now the weather and morning light are better.

Still cautious, but been running for 3 months in shorted races without groin pains. Time - the remedy is to give it time - a long time - two years.