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Race Evaluation

US Classic Champs: Blue day1


3. The gobbled banana and guzzled OJ that I hastily consumed before hurrying off to my start rebelled on this leg, which caused some delay.
5. A little wobbly on this leg, definitely could have done it quicker.
6. Stayed more or less straight.
7. Oops. Overestimated the climb and drifted right, going through the wrong saddle, and was perplexed when I started finding a bunch of rocks (I was actually getting close to #19. Stopped briefly to decode the situation, then had no further problem. Jason Poole just ahead.
8. Jason was ahead, but I think I found this flag first.
9. Pretty much straight, and Jason caught up near the end, but hesitated when we got close, so I found the control and got out before him.
10. Jason passed me again, and got to the control first.
11. Stayed a bit to the right to avoid climb, while Jason was lower to the left, and I didn't see any more of him (he finished a while after me).
12. Past the porta-potties, saw familiar terrain from yesterday.
13. West through yellow to trail, followed it to sharp bend, then cut the corner through the saddle. Handrailed the trail SW of the control to the boulder out in the yellow, then went a bit further, and looked up to see if I could spot a likely cliff. Picked a prominent lump and bouldered up to it. Yep, there it was. Weird place for a control.
14. Kind of contoured around to the east of the big rock mass, crossing paths with Peter. Sloppy navigation, but no problem finding it.
15. Just left of the line, then a bit right climbing up to the ccircle so that I could attack from the yellow. Peter was up ahead, and left the control just before I arrived.
16. Out to the road and back in through the yellow -- no sense beating myself up in the nasty stuff.
17. Up to the little jeep trail loop (and through a campsite), then smooth going down through the yellow.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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