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Race Evaluation

US Classic Champs: Blue day1


1. Hoping to have a good run today. Wasn't sure what the altitude and overall tiredness would do to me. Checked out the map on the way to streamered control.
2. straight with a tiny bit of contouring.
3. +06:15 Good on the first 3rd of the leg. Then I started drifting downhill. Bottom line, instead of final "up and over" to the control, I went "up and over" off the map. It was tough to find myself since I was now off the map. I wandered a bit trying to match things off. Finally I was bailing out to the trail east of three when I got back on the map and recognized the reentrant. Went to the control.
4. straight with a lot of uphill
5. drifted a little right of straight. I am really tired on the uphill and my stomach isn't feeling to great (gas problems).
6. I took the right route. Up the reentrant to the east of the 5 number, along the hill. Crossed the trail where I intended. Along the side of the hill passing just below the stony ground line. Around the hill. Could see the control from a long way aways. A lot of walking on this control. I am beat.
7. +00:10Drank water. What idiot put out dixie cups for an 'A' meet? Right of line to avoid the reentrant ups/downs. Had trouble on the final approach becuase I don't like how the mapper mapped the rocks. The knoll was small boulder cluster that looked to be the same size as the other boulder cluster I had just run by. Oh, I didn't see it was mapped as another dot knoll since the control circle was so close to it. Circle should have been broken.
8. +00:10Drifted high and circle the rocks until I got there.
9. +00:15Did a minor 's'. Started off going east to hit the open area then followed it down the reentrant, around the 1st set of rocks. Around the second set of rocks. I had dropped to low and had to climb back up.
10. Straight walking up the hill. On the way I see Greg Lennon in the distance and he yells "stop walking Ted, Run!". I start jogging again but I am not going any faster than I was while walking. I could really use a bathroom about now but the course is too open to stop anywhere.
11. Getting close to the rocky controls. Time to start really paying attention. I went high to the spur and down the spur to where it opened out. A little hesitant on the final approach.
12. +00:15As I started this leg I realized this was the model event parking area. Ran the parking area, down the spur. I dropped too low again and had to come back up to the control.
13. +02:00Ate a Powergel and got water. Got grass in the water and then Rick Bressman had grabbed the jug. I waited a second then had to open another jug. Down the reentrant to the open area and over to the road. Took the road to the sharp bend and cut up the reentrant. Very slow up the reentrant. Went between the two cliffs and approached the control from the southeast. The entire hill side was big boulders. Went boulder hopping for about 100 meters and was having a really tough time getting there. Couldn't read the map probably because it isn't right or at least not how I would have mapped it. I figured I must have gone about the correct distance when I spotted the control about 2 feet above my head. That meant I standing in the middle of the "4 meter" cliff. Hmmm. I did have a tough time getting up the last part of the cliff. Punched the control and noticed I has at the top of the hill. I still can't read the map but didn't expect the control to be at the top but down farther.
14. I didn't want to go through the rocks so went around all of it to the right. Cut around the hill, up reentrant and tried to read the features as I went. Did ok.
15. Approached from the left up the clearing going between the two rocky hills. Aimed for the hilltop but it helped to see other runners leaving that area.
16. a little left of line to avoid the worst rock.
17. +00:30Dropped down to avoid the stony ground only to be drawn back up near the campground loop. Passed Jan Merka, also on blue. Jan stopped to look at another control which saved me the time of doing it. I am really beat. Mark Everette ran by low.
18. Mark Everette quickly runs away. Bye Bye Mark. Count reentrants. Alternating run and walk.
19. +00:40Went to low and ended up at the green/red control. Greg Lennon challenges me into race from here to the finish. Ok. Go up the hill to our control. It is pretty close to the other one. What is the rule?
F. Took a straight line and of the people I saw finish I was the only one. Everyone else followed the reentrant. Everyone else still outran me but that is a different story. I beat Greg Lennon across the line.

Total Time Lost - 00:10:15

Split Analysis

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