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Race Evaluation

Rocky Mountain 1000 Day: Green Day 2


1. +00:10Hesitated because I was expecting the saddle to be visible.
2. Left of first hill, right of second hill. Read contours okay.
3. Not thinking clearly
I got to my hill fine, but I wasn't focused on what I should be looking for when I got there. Searched the group of rocks inside the control circle before going the rest of the way to the knoll. Also, I wasn't keeping my eyes open.
4. Bad map reading
Knew exactly where I was coming across the marshy area and up the hill. I got to the line of cliffs where the control was and thought I saw the middle one down further. The control description said "north foot of cliff," so I climbed down into the reentrant with great difficulty. I ended up at the bottom of that huge cliff, and then I had to climb about 4 countour lines when I finally realized where I was.
5. Bad map reading
I went up the reentrant and around the spur to the hill I was looking for. I couldn't read all the rock inside the control circle, so I used the contours to find out where i was. I went to where I thought it was and didn't see a 2.5m cliff or a control. After checking the cliff I came up by, I went back and saw the control.
6. Not thinking clearly
I had trouble reading the contours on the way. I aimed for the spur just past the control because that was easier for me to recognize, but I forgot that that wasn't the feature I was looking for and had to run back across the little reentrant to my control.
7. Not thinking clearly
Hesitated a tiny bit at the bare rock one reentrant too soon.
8. Not thinking clearly
Up the reentrant, to the left of the first hill and down to the flat spot on the hill where the boulder was. There was a nice little path by that time.
9. This was the beginning of the easy navigation and fast running. I ran with someone in BAOC garb who was smart enough to run down the top of the spur and avoid the reentrants. I was reading the countours well and got in and out of the control pretty quickly.
11. Saw Kelsey Breseman and read the rocks down the hill to the reentrant my control was in.
12. I didn't like the climb, but I spiked this control.
14. +00:10Was a little low, but I was reading the map okay and would've been able to recover had I not seen the control.
F. Chased somebody down and practiced keeping good form in an uphill finish.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:20

Split Analysis

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