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Race Evaluation

Rocky Mountain 1000 Day: Green Day 2


1. Did not plan ahead
Did not check features en route
Underrated difficulty
Bad map reading
Confused parallel features
Lacked concentration
Unused to map
Headed down too soon, and got confused when I saw what appeared to be a saddle, then got sucked down to a lower flag. What a disaster!
2. Trail for a while, then across wooded reentrant and down yellow spur. No problem
3. Straight, checking off rock features along the way.
4. Couldn't read the circle, but headed down toward big patch of bare rock below big cliffs, read the rock features in.
5. Bad map reading
Bad compass work
Around rocky knoll to the left, then looking for aspen patch, caught the wrong one and ended up too far downhill. Took a little while to relocate
6. A little right to go around hill, then down yellow reentrant to bend and up the little spur.
7. Straight, reading features, and down the correct reentrant.
8. Up the reentrant across and angled for the fence corner, climbing over at the wooden posts. Through the reentrant between the big rocky knolls,then up the right knoll below the big rocks and right in.
9. Thought about left and low, but ended up straighter and over the top of the broad knoll, cutting across near the porta-johns and up the green reentrant past the huge rocks and on. A little confused between what was a cliff and what was a rock, but ok.
10. Straight, by the two rocks before the road, just right of the big rocks on the big knoll, then around and straight to it.
11. Uphill a bit to get around all the big rocks, then down on compass. It showed up a little sooner than I expected, but checked the code.
12. Across the marshy reentrant at the thin spot, then up and over to the right reentrant, and up to the aspen patch. Turns out there were two reentrants there, but found it pretty quick.
13. Straight, drifting a bit high so I could be sure it would be on my left.
14. Straight, looking hard once I got in the woods.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:15

Split Analysis

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