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Race Evaluation

WCOC Bethel Schools meet: Sprint 2


1. My first instinct was to try running through the baseball field, then the tennis courts like we had done in the last sprint, but then I realized I could skip the baseball field and just go through the tennis courts, saving quite a bit of distance.
2. +00:15I used the little gap in the fence right where the line hits it, then down to the baseball field and into the woods under the scoreboard. I hesitated a bit in the woods because I wasn't expecting to go so far left, but there was a pretty clear path that way, so after checking my map for a second I realized it was the right way to go. I should have had a better idea of what I was doing when I cut into the woods though.
3. Back out to the baseball field and around on the road to the Rockwell Elementary School building. Then up the left side of the building to the two little paths, and cut in from the first to the second diagonally, and finally picking up the perpendicular path up to the field. Then picked up the little path into the control.
4. Just around to the left.
5. Went around to the left of the green at 4, then ran the road to Jefferson Elementary School, and around the left side of the building.
6. Ran through the two little gates on the left of the Jefferson building coming out of 5, then up to the Bethel Middle School and around it on the right side to the path below the track. Then around Bethel High on the right, and into the control.
7. Took the trail on the right, then cut in on the beaten path leading right into the control.
8. Followed that beaten path out to the trail and back the same way to the corner of the parking lot, and the along the green and in.
9. Just straight down to the road , across the junction, and straight into the woods to the cliff.
10. Right back up to the field, then straight into the control.
F. Arg!

Total Time Lost - 00:00:15

Split Analysis

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