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Race Evaluation

West Point A meet: Blue 1


1. Never picked up my WinSplits, so these are from my watch. Climbed on the road up to the cliff and attacked.
3. Planned to stay far right and follow the spur around, but ended up slightly R, stumbling down through the rocks.
5. Stayed somewhat R to avoid as much altitude loss as possible
8. Trail to the road. Cut the corner, and then road to the clearing.
9. +01:00Trail to the road and then climbed to the saddle. Worked around the first spur and saw the tagline cliff, but then couldn't identify the next couple of bare rocks, and ended up 50m E and low at another cliff
11. +01:30Felt like I had gone too far, but went right up to the cliff/large boulder. Didn't see the control, and re-read clue. Still didn't see the control. Climbed...saw the boulder and cliffs above me. Positive about location. Went back and finally found it. Was within feet the first time.
13. Stayed above the large cliff, then climbed up passed the boulder & dot knoll and was confident heading out onto the flat.
14. +00:10To the R, stay below the cliffs. Out into the clearing/brush/march and on compass to the road. Turned right and noticed I was too far along the road. Corrected.
15. +00:10Started R, intending to take the road and trail, but changed my mind halfway down the hill. To the road and ran S on it for about 100m and then across the marsh and followed the stone wall up.
16. All the way down to the valley with the stream. Terrible going there with rocky footing and lots of deadfall.
18. +00:10Drifted L

Total Time Lost - 00:03:00

Split Analysis

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