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Race Evaluation

NEOC Spring Rock Festival and Intercollegiates: Red Day 1


1. Along the trail to the stone wall, then up the shallow reentrant to the top. Along the backside of the little hill and down into the control.
2. +00:05Up to the top of the hill and in between the two form line hills. Saw a control on the left and paused to check the control code even though I was positive it wasn't mine. From there up the spur and in. It was a little farther than I expected once I hit the spur.
3. +00:10Northwest through the green onto the flat area and then north. Saw number 11 and corrected more north to the trail. Followed trail until I saw the spur on the left, then ran over it and down toward the lake. Was a little bit south of the control, so I ran up the spur into it.
4. Straight out on the line to the trail and basically just crossed it on the line. Cut across the rocky area and up into the marsh and headed north up into the control. May have been faster to take the trail to the top.
5. Straight out to the little trail and cut across it to the big one. Followed the big trail until it bent to the right and started going uphill. Cut off immediately to avoid climb and contoured down into the stream. Followed the stream up until I saw the stone wall on the right and then cut across it and up towards the control. Picked off the two boulders on the way.
6. Straight compass shot across the reentrant. Saw the control from the bottom of the reentrant.
7. Followed the spur down into the rocky area and kept the hills on either side as I cut into the control.
8. Underrated difficulty
Bad compass work
Lacked concentration
Around the marsh to the left to cross the stream between the marsh and the lake in the rocky area. Followed the marsh back around and attacked up the reentrant to the control. Must have just missed it to the right, and hit the stone wall catching feature. Thought I might be left and started cutting up the hill to the right. Quickly realized what I was doing and cut back down into the control.
9. Followed the line out to the trail and cut straight across it. Came off the spur with the little rock wall into the reentrant, and saw the big boulders up on the high ground from in the reentrant. Just ran into to the middle one.
10. Straight out to the marsh just before the trail and cut around it to the left. Went straight across the trail and cut to the bottom of the lake. Between the lake and hilltop south of it. Crossed two stone walls, hit the third and followed it into the control on the far side.
11. Straight compass shot to the trail. Hit the trail just left of the line where the big boulder is, and cut into the control.
12. Up the hill to the trail and down the other side to the little trail. Followed it across the marsh and then followed the hillside to the stone wall. Then up and over into the reentrant.
13. Straight west to the top of the marsh to pick up the little trail and took it south to the power lines. Crossed the power lines and picked up the big trail on the other side. Cut off it right away to cross the big stream and up into the control on end of the spur.
14. Straight west to the stream, crossed it and followed the hillside to the control.
15. Straight out to the road junction and down into the control.
16. +00:10Straight out to the trail and started running right. Quickly corrected and ran it left to the easy crossing by the lake. Ran up high along the hillside and back down into the control
17. West up the hill to the trail and straight down the trail into the control.
F. Down the chute.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:55

Split Analysis

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