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Race Evaluation

NEOC Spring Rock Festival and Intercollegiates: Red Day 1


1. Trail to just past the stone wall. Then straight.
2. +00:20Right of line, then crossing to left of line to check out a flag on a knoll that I knew was too soon, blowing 20 seconds. Lack of confidence.
3. A little left of line down through the laurel, then a bit of trail, then around the marsh.
4. +01:45Ugly. Stopped a bit short (neither feature or flag was visible from 30 meters), was sure I had gone too far, started back towards a knoll with a flag that I knew was too far back, but had to check it out, then I knew which knoll I was on and retraced my steps. (Rocky ground and marsh didn't seem to be mapped right?)
5. I left the trail near the boulder, crossed stone wall in the middle, to reentrant, to boulder.
6. Straight!
7. A bit left along the knoll, then corrected right to it.
8. +00:20Around the marsh to the left, getting one foot soaked. Came in right over the dot knoll ( I thought), but flag was a bit to the left.
9. Pretty straight.
10. +00:40Got too far left and almost went on the wrong side of the finger of water. Then went through some thick vegetation and missed a bit left.
11. Started right of line. Had a bit of trouble making sense of the stone walls, but when I hit the trail, I was dead on.
12. Followed the line across the trail, between the marshes, over the stone wall, and nailed it. (But maybe should have gone left more at the start to avoid some climb.)
13. Left of line along the stone wall, across the open area, crossing the stream below the damn, and came in a tad right.
14. +00:10Crossed the stream right of line, then climbed out of the vegetation and parallelled the stream right to it. (But, again, wasted 10 seconds checking out another course's control that I knew wasn't - or shouldn't be - mine.)
15. I had had enough of these woods, so I went around on the trail. Probably a few seconds slower.
16. The huge trash dump and earth bank wasn't on the map. I climbed over it, then angled back down and swung around to the right to the depression.
17. +00:45Ugly. Plan was just a rough compass bearing to the road or trail, but I got caught up in awful vegetation, which pushed me left of line, then I climbed up, overcompensating, going right of line, then I came in to the trail with the go control fairly close to it, but was confused and briefly turned the wrong way, wasting another 20 seconds before retracing.
F. My split was 5.4, but I think I punched it while on the run coming in. It was probably about 10.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:00

Split Analysis

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