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Race Evaluation

OLOU Lapping Memorial Park: Course 2 - Medium


6. I left the trail too far to the west here, and lost some time in this relatively featureless marsh/floodplain area. Found the bag when I started heading east to correct, but it certainly was not a clean approach.
7. There was no good reason for this leg to be slow, other than the fact that I went back south to the trail, and followed the trail to the knolls. Should have just shot straight to the west from #6, but I was no doubt feeling a bit tentative after wandering around in the marsh a bit.
8. Big mental error here, although it didn't impact the leg as much as I thought it would. I was running (kinda) in the ride network approaching #8, and I completely missed a fork in the ride that would have taken me west to the bag. Instead I started heading SW and ended up back at #5 again! I went north from there to get back to the proper ride, and continued, but considering how wide those rides are, that was a big goof.
10. Another big misread here. I missed the ride that bisected the green area, and continued on the big trail around to the west side instead. When I emerged in the rough open, and saw that there was only rough open to the east of me, I knew I was on the edge of the area, rather than the middle. Cut through the rough open to recover.
12. Had intended to stay roughly on bearing through the open woods to #12, but I ended up going too far to the east, and landed on the large trail between the two softball diamonds (admittedly, I didn't take a bearing in this section). Turned my right ankle on the gravel trail.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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