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Race Evaluation

US S/M/L Champs 2011 & WRE: Green-X Middle


1. +02:30Sharon Crawford started at same time, so there was a lot of distracting chatter going on. Still no excuse for how I butchered this control. NE on the trail for just a little bit, then cut in. Plan was to sneak between the dark green areas, and use the numerous boulders , then the form line knoll. Got into crap and couldn't see anything. Ended up looping on the W side of the marsh and dark green up to the stone wall, but convinced myself I was further E.
2. +00:45Shaking off the first control - rough compass to the trail, bend near top, following the clearings and bare rock sections, but drifted left a bit.
4. Meant to hit the small trail and go in from the sharp bend, but headed more N than E and hit the large trail. Snap decision to run that up to the clearing/tower and loop around, attacking from the N. Worked quite well.
5. Just right of the line, below the cliffs, then contoured and up just a bit.
6. Almost overran, but looked left and saw it as I went by.
7. Hmm, clearing on a form line in the middle of a vague area with poor visibility. If I hadn't nailed it, would be crying about a bingo control
8. Went right of the line aronud the march, careful not to climb too much. Cross the trickle, then looked very carefully and realized it was on the E side of the small stream. Slow and careful approach.
10. +01:30Considered trail run around to the left, but then thought it would be quicker to do a bit more in the woods at first heading due W, then run trails. Ended up wandering a bit more NW than W, so hit the first trail further N than I'd planned. Was somewhat discouraged, but figured since I was on the trail to take full advantage of it and not lose more time by just moping along.
11. +00:30Considered looping left for an attack thorugh more open stuff, but ended up with the left approach - right at the first fork, then boulder, boulder, bare rock, brief pause due to others thrashing around in the area, saw the thick stuff and told myself it's just ont he other side and to push through.
12. +01:00Being chased. Across the trail and seemed ot be heading too far left, right towards the rock face. Over corrected to the R and checked out a few other bare rock sections N of where I wanted to be.
13. Trail run and attacked from the bend N of the control
15. +00:15Should have gone up and over the top of the hill, but ended up contouring around the the right, then got sucked further E than I wanted to be.
F. Glad to hear I was in 2d before I even finished. Thought it would be much worse.

Total Time Lost - 00:06:30

Split Analysis

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