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Race Evaluation

Sessions Woods: Blue


1. ran past pit -- didn't see it (and didn't realize at first that I was looking for a pit).
2. Hesitated
about 200 m on trail
3. offloaded fluids
4. didn't check back of spur at first
5. +01:00started looking for spring too soon and did a loop.
8. pretty much straight.
10. +00:30took trail -- road would have been faster.
11. trail all the way past control and came straight north at it.
12. +04:00got there okay, but hunted around for a couple of minutes for the pit in the green (passed real close to it a couple of times).
13. got smart and took the road.
14. +02:00poor route at the beginning -- very roundabout getting past the green.
F. longest chute I've seen in a long time!

Total Time Lost - 00:07:30

Split Analysis

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