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Race Evaluation

UNO Boulder Dash 2-Day Classic A-Meet: Sunday Green


1. +25:00huge fustercluck. didn't stick to my bearing, didn't pacecount, didn't not try to follow people, didn't establish the scale of the terrain, didn't not suck. i need to be more diligent when there aren't any linear features nearby
2. short n' easy. not complaining. 20x faster than leg 1
3. decent. ran the plan. drifted slightly north near the control, but save it in time. AP says i lost a minute - guess i should've attacked more directly. still looking for crutches after screwing up the first leg.
4. decent
5. +04:00crap. should've gone straight. thought i should go up the road to a trail and then cut through (still shaken from the first leg). additionally tempted to follow some fast movers up the road. decided to cut straight in at the water station. fumbled it near the control - i had drifted west. pacecount was near spot on, though.
6. decent
7. +01:20drifted east, overshot, corrected quickly.
8. decent
9. +00:45good through the first half, but too slow through the boulder pile/cliff. should've picked a more precise attackpoint than 'that mass of rocks'
10. quick n' easy
11. good. went on a marsh-venture, seems to have paid off
12. +01:00took the definitely longer, marginally higher speed trail around. the 14th place leg rank shows it was a bad choice
13. good
14. good
F. good

Total Time Lost - 00:32:05

Split Analysis

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