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Race Evaluation

UNO Boulder Dash 2-Day Classic A-Meet: Saturday Red


1. Trail, a bit S to avoid green, over hill, was a bit right of control.
2. Went up 1st, then dropped along marsh as it looked OK, but then ran into deadfall along marsh.
3. +00:30W, then S of marsh, then N, actually saw control from above, but was not sure where I was. and could not read the contours. Figured I was at the rocky stuff so went N and saw it to my right.
4. On compass along line, but a bit N, hit trail, followed to bend, then in, spiked, but had thought it was to the right more!
5. +01:00Back to trail, then in over small hills. Straight was faster but I could not see a route. running to marsh would have worked.
6. +11:00Stayed on top, got to end of hill, looked down, saw cadet who was on red going along right where I thought control should be, looked back as I came down hill, but saw nothing, and he had not stopped, so continued on, looped, floundered, out to trail, back in, there it was
7. On compass, a bit unsure near end. Picked up junior on red.
8. Checked off hills, but was surprised by the huge depression, though it was going to be a hill! Stopped to get my brain around that, then fine on in.
9. Off end of hill, but slow approach with huge deadfall E of control. Followed Pia in.
10. Slow going in, but at least had seen it was a depression and not a hill.
11. Unsure on approach, could not sort out knolls. Then saw re entrant. Spotted Hannah coming in as I left.
12. A bit N around rootstocks. Picing it up to hold off Hannah.
13. SW to trail, spot big boulder, follow compass and boulders S.
14. +00:30S on compass, go left at steep slope into big re entrant system NE of control. Probably should have stayed on line
15. Running hard on compass, checked off rocky knoll
16. Could be trouble. Watched compass across flat, tried to check off knolls and rootstocks but did not see, Saw rocks to right, then boulders ahead. Hit boulder E of control but thought I was at one further SE, but went in correct direction anyway.

Total Time Lost - 00:13:00

Split Analysis

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