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Race Evaluation

US Long Course Champs: Green X Long


1. Entered field at point NE of start, continued to trail to the NNE. When I hit the road I started up the trail to the L, then checked contours on map and took the road the other way instead, following side of field, into woods at corner.
2. In hindsight I didn't like my route choice. After crossing creek at bridge, went left then followed reentrant up to trail, around N, then into woods where copse line hit it. I'll bet coming in from the S would have been faster.
4. Contoured to trail, then S on faint trail.
5. Was there a choice here? Added later: Yes there was! PG went E of the line, I went W. I still like my route better, especially as when I emerged into the field, a buck followed by a doe ran left to right just ahead of me. Added still later: Oh -- I see why the route to the E was probably better -- it had less climb even if it was longer. Lesson learned: Pay attention to the contours!
6. S to field, W to trail, ford creek -- thigh deep at one point!
7. SSE to trail, leave it at sharp bend
8. My one mental error -- I didn't look carefully enough at my destination, and ended up too low, having to climb 3 contours when I got to the circle.
10. Saw Tim Good (who started a couple of minutes before me) punching in.
11. Helped by seeing TG leaving control.
12. W, reaching trail at bend. After crossing road, SW and followed faint trail.
13. Decided to play it safe by going WNW across field to the trail going NW. Cross stream on trail, then N on next.
F. My cleanest run ever. My goal was 1:30, beat that by a considerable margin. Not enough for a podium, but I was very happy with my run.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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