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Race Evaluation

Billygoat Run: Billygoat


1. Started out comfortably; tried to check out the map for possible skips while running the road.
2. +01:00Thought the trail option might be reasonable, but should have just stayed with the train.
3. +01:40Taking the road almost to C3 when I got confused by cross traffic and mistakenly turned east. Saw nate and realized that he must be well ahead of me and going to C5, so I turned around.
4. Had a bunch of people coming in behind me (no one in sight in front), so I hightailed it due south, then stayed left of the spur after crossing the roads.
5. +00:20Got confused when I hit the first road, thought it was the second and turned right; had to recover and didn't notice the nice shortcut trail, so needlessly ran thru woods.
6. +00:10Basically straight, but should have trusted Pavlina.
7. Too much time fiddling with the compass after the control. Pavlina got ahead and Jeff went by me.
8. +03:00Decided to take the road route, which would have been great for me, but I got confused when I hit it and then distracted by people going from 9-10, so I went the wrong way. Ran hard to "make up lost time", so the climb was tough. Attacked from the road bend, but got tangled up in green and missed to the east, recovered when I saw people running towards 9.
9. +00:20Went to the rocky area to the east first.
10. +03:00Went by the 3 little ponds, then crossed the edge of the swamp, then got lost. Found a recreational control after passing Carl going in the opposite direction, then saw Ken Sr going that way also.
11. Passed Tivo and his father (first of a few times)
12. Outhustled a small group, but slowed near control, so they got closer
13. +02:00Rough going thru the green (should have gone around), plus I thought I was farther right when I got out to the road, but others were cutting in, so I did also
14. +03:00All the way down to the road and made great time, but left the trail near the control without a clue and wandered a bit in the green before popping out and seeing folks that were clearly headed off to C15
15. +03:00Exact same distance and time as C14?!? I guess that means I screwed up just as badly, but I don't remember what went wrong
16. +01:30Too much searching without being able to see the contours on the map.
18. Left with a big pack out to the ride/pipeline. I ran ahead (starting a long stretch on my own) and angled in where I thought I would see C31 (and did), off the edge of the swamp, then on the line from the road - went to the tent first, since it was so visible. Several folks came in while I was drinking.
19. Took off to the north, then used the rocks to correct my course.
20. Aimed right of the swamp and saw the first stone fence corner, which brought my attention to the stone walls on the map, so I aimed for the second corner on the way to the control.
21. +00:10Fell badly just after the stone wall; saw Carl behind me
22. Just on a bearing, as I could not make sense of the black markings while on the run.
23. Just a little slow going up the hill
24. Crossed trails before I saw them on the map, but the bearing was good.
25. +00:15Had trouble seeing the contours on the map (again).
26. +00:45Missed to the right, but my pace count was right on, so corrected quickly after David ran in front of me.
27. Found myself off to the left when I was in the marsh, but it was not bad running and I had been to the control before.
28. +06:00Not sure what went wrong. I aimed a bit left and went along the edge of the marsh. There was a trail across from me went I popped out on the road, and I thought some of the black included a trail around to the right toward the control, but this trail turned left. I found it on the map and tried to attack by pace-counting along the stream and angling up into the green. I stayed too low, being distracted by David to my right and wound up checking a bunch of random boulders while gradually moving uphill. David found it within sight while I was standing on a boulder trying to see around the green.
29. +01:00Took the easy way out, which was toward C30, and thought about skipping, but C29 looked too easy. Of course I then took another stupid wrong turn on a trail, with people watching and had to recover.
30. +09:30Went to the right toward the marsh and lost track of distance while trying to read the map. Kept going and saw a marsh that had to be the one right of the line, so I tried to attack from there, but nothing was lining up. Eventually I figured out that I had gone a lot farther than the control and the marsh had to be the one to the SW of the control, so I came back up along the edge of the green and got there - finally.
31. Great choice of a skip; horrible execution.
32. +04:00Left to the S, but failed to stay S and drifted right and downhill, so by the time I hit the pipeline, I no longer had the left dirt road option to C32, so went right and cut in after the green. I could not see the contours well on the map, so I was more guessing than navigating, but it got me there eventually.
33. Had plenty of legs left for this trail/road run, but not much motivation, so slower than it could have been. Inside of upper legs did start cramping at the end, but I passed David going the other way and decided to tough it out.
34. +00:15Only slightly off the line at the fence. And only a small delay in the circle.
35. +00:15Got hung up a bit in the marsh, but I could see David and George leaving the control
36. Felt very guilty running past George and David on the trail, but I wanted to be done.
F. 50% just get done + 50% can I beat Luke's finish = this result for the finish split

Total Time Lost - 00:41:10

Split Analysis

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