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Race Evaluation

US Champs, Day 1: Red Y


1. +00:30started off down the trail then cut into the woods. Wasn't doing to well and ended up at rocks to the east. Went over to the cliffs. Ran around bottom of cliffs and then realized looking for reentrant. What reentrant. Ran to top of cliff and saw control. Not much of reentrant.
2. +00:20Bad route choice. I went down the cliff and since I was already low i took the fields around.
3. straight. Throught the sandy field.
4. +01:00Straightish. Checked off the features as I went. Ended up at the field to the south (as intended). Saw Piers Newberry. Cut north up reentrant. There was no control in the reentrant. Ran up a little higher. Stopped looked around. Piers followed me. Decided to cut over. There was another smaller reentrant. Control description should have said western most reentrant.
5. Cut over to road. Had to pass a car going the other way on the car who didn't leave me any room on the road.
6. straight
7. +00:15Did a zig to avoid the green then cut back to far left.
8. straight. Went through the green.
9. Down across road, around the open rocky area.
10. Go to far left. Crossed the trail way off.Cut back the correct way and went through the rough open area. Counted rocky hills. I counted one extra to the control. Control circle also partially hid one of the hills.
11. straight
12. Ran the next section of controls carefully. Treated the contours as 3m as that is what I think this area was mapped as. Ran across flat areas and counted ups to get to the control.
15. came out a little to the right.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:05

Split Analysis

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